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How to contact the Author of

Yes it is so easy, all you have to do is writing your email and send to:
or add the google plus to see my google profile.
and dont forget to add us to your facebook friend.

Thank you my friends

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Request for removal of content before formal notice for infringement

We are the publisher of the website, owner of the brand and all the contents, texts and images, which are published there.

We have noticed that your website ( contains, without any agreement from us, translation of our articles like this pages :

Such translations are not allowed,. They represent a violation of copyrights laws and our content properties: article L111-1 of the code of the intellectual property (France).

You must know that, as a website publisher, you engage your civil and criminal liability when you publish a counterfeit of our content.

We ask you to unpublish as soon as possible all the articles that are in relation with

We expect a quick reaction from you, or from your legal service.

Best regards.