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Rabu, 20 Februari 2019

Canon EOS R battery can be charged with USB-C

Canon EOS R battery can be charged with USB-C

I was watching the sale page of " Canon EOS R " at Amazon, I was worried about some comments in the bottom review column. 

The content of the comment is like this:
USB charging is via USB-type C, but it was not possible to charge it because voltage is insufficient if it is from a general USB power supply. 

Useful function when you forget the battery charger, when you want to reduce luggage, etc. Although it can be seen that the evaluation written as such, it seems that it can not charge unless you use the separately sold USB power adapter PD - E1. So, the attached charger is more compact, and when I forget the charger I realistically think that it can not charge even if there is a USB cable.

No, even if it is not " USB Power Adapter PD-E1 ", Canon EOS R can charge if you use the USB Type-C (USB-C) adapter compatible with "USB PD"! I will say on this blog that I am saying that. 

As the main commentator said that we tried a common USB power supply, I think that I was surely trying to charge with a weak USB adapter for smartphone but probably tried without knowing USB PD I guess. 

In fact I tried to reply to Amazon I thought that I could not comment on Amazon EOS R because it was impossible to comment on new comment, I decided to write it blog by all means.

First of all, USB PD stands for USB Power Delivery, which is a USB standard that allows large current to flow. It is also adopted for recent MacBook Pro and Nintendo switches, and it can charge the main body with PD compatible USB cable without dedicated power cable. 

The Canon EOS R itself also has a USB - C terminal, and if it is a USB - C compliant USB - C cable you can charge the EOS R battery without problems.

Actually, the USB - C adapter that is attached to the MacBook Pro that I use is compatible with USB PD, you can charge Canon EOS R by connecting PD - compatible USB - C cable. 

It is also common to charge with " Anker PowerPort + 5 USB - C Power Delivery " which is usually put in the living room.

Also, the compact " Anker PowerPort ll PD " is also active in cafes and co-working spaces. Although it is so small, it has USB-C and regular USB (A), it is easy to charge anywhere.

Canon EOS R battery can be charged with USB-C

It is perfect for bringing it to a trip, when I stayed at an inn in Mie prefecture I charged Canon EOS R with this. Anker PowerPort ll PD and one cable, it was able to cover all the power supply of MacBook Pro, smartphone and EOS R, and it was a very helpful adapter.

In addition, you can charge it with mobile battery " Anker PowerCore 20100 ". This mobile battery can also charge the MacBook Pro, and it is a barrel to demons anymore.

The above adapter or mobile battery is an item that supports USB PD. In other words, if you want to charge Canon EOS R, please use USB PD adapter and mobile battery.