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Minggu, 13 Januari 2019

What is advisable content for an application cancellation?

What is advisable content for an application cancellation?

Due to the globalized world, applications are often written in English today because new courses have been standardized internationally as part of the Process. That's why applications today come from different parts of the world. With this adjustment, therefore, rejections in good English should be written in order to preserve the impression of a company.

Stay polite when you cancel it
The content of the cancellation is subject to conditions similar to those for cancellations in many countries. In addition to the normal letter form with the sender and the recipient, a personal salutation and the reason for the letter should be formulated. This is standardized today and can also be retrieved in English as a standard. The reasons for the cancellation should also be formulated. This is also common practice in standard form.

Nevertheless, it is good to have several versions of reasons ready, as the cancellation can then be adapted to the actual situation. Such an explanation may be that the profile of the employee is not suitable or the position has already been awarded.

At the same time, the letter should express a thank you for the effort and time of the application and include a phrase for the further successful search for suitable job offers. Especially after a rejection, further motivation is important for the candidate in order to be successful in the search for new work later on. In addition, a rejection is possible only after a long time and therefore requires appropriate care in the formulation. The application cancellation in English can also be combined with the return of application documents.

Common phrases:


- We thank you for sending your application and showing interest in the advertised position

- We gratefully acknowledge the letter of application

- We would like to say thank you for submitting an application

Reasons for rejection:

- You weren't chosen for the profession

- Your profile does not match the necessary requirements

- We have decided on somebody who fares better in the job interview


- We regret to inform you, that ...

- We're sorry, that we couldn't consider your application

Wishes for the future:

- We wish you much success with upcoming applications

- We want to contact you in case of an upcoming opening

Create templates
An application cancellation in English should contain the phrases just mentioned and always give the applicant the feeling that they are not unqualified despite the cancellation. This is important for the quality of the further job search and leads to a positive self-esteem. Externally, the rejection of the other countries version remains are very similar. The formalities do not necessarily have to be adapted to English in your country companies, but can usually take place in the usual way.

Also, using a template is especially helpful when a company does not speak English and style. In this case, it is advisable to consult a native speaker to have multiple templates made for separate content. Later, the templates can be used for a large number of application cancellations.