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Jumat, 04 Januari 2019

What clothes you should wear in India?

What clothes you should wear in India?

India is a country with a great tradition and culture. When traveling to other countries, we want to prepare well and behave appropriately. In addition to the manners, there is also a kind of dress code that leads to mutual respect. But also the climate, the nature and the landscape give reason to deal with the dress code before a trip to India.

I recommend the following:

  • Always keep your knees covered with a longer skirt or longer pants
  • Shoulders should be covered as much as possible, protect these z. For example, with a cloth when visiting religious sites
  • No miniskirts or tight short pants
  • No sleeveless T-shirts
  • No deep cleavage
  • Tunic is recommended
  • "Salwar Kameez" - also cheap to buy in India, consists of airy pants and a long top

  • Short pants only when necessary - in India only schoolchildren wear shorts and they will only attract attention.

Against heat:
  • Light and long cotton clothes
  • Not too tight
  • A silk or cotton cloth is always useful as a head or shoulder cover
  • coneflower
  • umbrella
  • No leather shoes in temples, so socks in the bag are always good

Against vermin and mosquitoes:
  • Wear long cotton clothes from dawn

At the beach:
  • Bikinis and swimsuits are not used to Indians, here the women also go with Sari into the water
  • Therefore, avoid bathing in bikinis in less touristy areas
  • At tourist beaches in Goa or in the south of India and at the hotel beaches it is not a problem
  • Bathing naked is strictly forbidden

Of course it is up to you how you want to dress. There are many tourists who do not stick to it or are not informed. From mutual respect, however, it is highly recommended from my side to pay a little attention if you do not want to be stared at or want to appear attractive.

You do not even have to take much clothes with you. At every corner there are shops with fine fabrics and great clothes, like the Salvar Kameez or normal T-shirts and trousers made of cotton, silk etc. These are also available at very reasonable prices.

Also, the custom-made suits, dresses, shirts or pants is highly recommended, as it is just as cheap and the fabrics are really good quality and color. It is best to bring a template, as the Indian people usually have a smaller and more delicate physique.