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Jumat, 25 Januari 2019

How to break an unfavorable relationship

How to break an unfavorable relationship

If your relationships are always the same, you have a problem. But it is possible to uncover the unfavorable pattern of relationship and to change it as it were. What can you do to break the vicious circle efficiently?

You already have multiple partnerships behind you and all have failed? Maybe it's because you always choose a very specific type as a partner. But you may also conduct your relationships in a way that almost inevitably leads to failure. If you see any pattern that keeps repeating itself, it's time to make a change.

As a single to develop your own personality
If you fall from one relationship to the next, you have no opportunity to develop yourself. Therefore, after a failed relationship, a break is always recommended. In this phase, you can study the past relationship, search for errors and problems, and then compare your findings to previous partnerships.

In this way, you will quickly find your own mistakes and only these mistakes can correct them. For example, if you always choose a partner who is inferior to you, you can break this pattern by looking for a partner at eye level.

Unfavorable relationship patterns: do not underestimate relationship
Unfavorable relationship patterns do not arise consciously and therefore it is difficult to create a change. For example, you can barely influence which type of person you are attracted to. But if you realize at the very beginning that you are back in your old pattern, you are more likely to have a chance to go another way this time.

It can take years to break a drawn-in relationship pattern. But it is worthwhile not to give up the fight, because you are finally fighting for your personal happiness.

Conclusion: Unfavorable relationship patterns are usually very deeply anchored in the subconscious, so that a change is difficult. But with continuous effort it is possible to make important progress.