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Jumat, 04 Januari 2019

Help with panic attacks

Help with panic attacks

Panic creates a sudden state of intense fear of an actual or perceived threat. This condition is accompanied by numerous physical symptoms. If the state of panic recurring periodically, it is spoken of a panic disorder. How can the affected person help himself?

The panic state comes out

Anyone who knows it and has experienced a state of panic one or more times knows that it comes out. It can last from a few minutes to half an hour. This creates a fit-like feeling of helplessness and anxiety. Accompanied by physical symptoms such as palpitations, chest tightness, sweating, just to name a few.

The mind is switched off, that feeling dominates

In this state the mind is switched off and as a rule no logical actions can be performed. Higher human capabilities are limited. The affected person is completely in the feeling of the threat of his own life. Feeling afraid of dying now.

Restriction of the quality of life

If this condition occurs more often, the quality of life is severely limited. This can go so far that the persons concerned no longer dare to certain places or avoid certain situations.

The wrong technique during the state of panic

Affected then want in this situation with the feeling of oppression and the inner "request" that the attack calms down. That is completely wrong! In this situation, the condition usually gets even stronger. This is where the paradox of the psyche comes in.

The paradox of our psyche

Take a 0.5 m wide 10 m long board and place it in a long corridor. How often do you go over the board without getting lost? Probably a hundred or a thousand times. This board can be placed only 50 meters between two houses. How often do you go about it now? Most not at all, because they would fall off. Because it happens the opposite of what should not happen!

Tip on how to get rid of the attacks:
  • When an attack comes, then get together and say, "I want to reinforce it now, make it stronger and stronger!"
  • If you can get involved and have the courage, then you will notice that the attacks flatten and disappear.
  • No patient in my presence has yet managed to make the attacks stronger.
  • Should there ever be a person who can do it, then this person can also make the attacks disappear.

Get your quality of life back and share your positive experiences with other sufferers.