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Jumat, 14 Desember 2018

Transfer contacts between two iPhones without iTunes

Transfer contacts between two iPhones without iTunes

On most iPhones, the "Contacts" app is full of addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and the like of family and friends. But what about if you want to export this data from your smartphone? With the free app Contacts Backup (1.99 Euro Pro version) it is possible to export, save or transfer the contacts to a new device.

The contact list on the iPhone is usually very valuable. You can back up your data via the Apple service iCloud. However, if you do not want to entrust the company from Cupertino with your data or simply want to make an uncomplicated backup of the addresses on your device or in the cloud, you can use the Contacts Backup app.

How to save all contacts from your iPhone in different formats
1. Download Contacts Backup from Apple's App Store and launch the application.

2. To save your data, tap "Export". When prompted, allow the app to access your contacts.

3. Then decide whether you want to save "All Contacts" or "Selected Contacts" only individual entries from the address book stored on your iPhone. If you choose the latter option, your address book will open. Mark here the contacts you want to include in the backup and finally tap on "Done" in the upper right corner. Then tap on "Next".

4. Decide now on the format in which the contacts are to be exported. You can choose from Excel, Gmail (csv), Outlook (xls), and vCard. Then tap on "Start".

5. Contacts Backup now makes the export. Then back up the data using one of the options offered on your device or in the cloud. Via "E-Mail" you can also have the exported contacts sent to you.

How to back up your contacts in your Dropbox account
If you save the exported contact information to your iPhone, there is a risk that the data backup will be lost with the original data if you lose your smartphone. I therefore recommend that you save the backup remotely. Contacts Backup gives you the easy way to access your Dropbox storage.

1. Create a free account with the cloud service Dropbox. Then tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the Contacts Backup home screen.

2. Select the entry Dropbox with a tap and enter the access data to your Dropbox account.

3. Then perform the backup of your contacts as described above.

4. At step 4 of the previous tutorial, you decide to "upload". The backup will then be automatically transferred to your Dropbox account and is secure in case of loss of your smartphone.