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Rabu, 12 Desember 2018

The 5 signs that show your team needs to be trained

The 5 signs that show that your team needs to be trained

When you dream your team to be at the top of its performance, your employees sometimes need training. Indeed, the tools and methods evolve constantly and it is essential to follow these changes to stay in the race. Discover below the 5 signs that should encourage you to offer training to your employees!

They lose a crazy time
Because they do not have the right information, or the right method, they disperse, and this obviously to the detriment of their productivity. How many people would save valuable time just by training in the proper use of their email, PowerPoint or Excel?

They do not dare to say that they do not know
If you see them carefully avoiding a subject, if you see the distress in their eyes when you approach a work method or the function of a software it is probably that they do not master it. Not mastering a knowledge or a know-how puts them at odds vis-à-vis their hierarchy. They do not dare to talk about it. To say that they do not know how to do things would sometimes mean that they are incompetent. They will do everything to hide the fact that they do not know.

They are constantly sending the ball
This is the principle of the hot potato: when we do not know, we try to transmit the subject to a colleague. But when the lack of control is shared, the incompetence can circulate between the different members of a team until the abandonment of the task in the meanders of the responsibilities of one and the other.

They are running out
Not having all the skills you need to comfortably carry out your missions has an immediate consequence: the short-term stress that leads to fatigue in the long run. Employees may be demotivated for many reasons, not to provide them with the skills they need.

They are in demand
Finally, you may have a member of your team who will express the need to be trained. Take care to listen to his request: this is probably a strong signal. Of course, it is up to you to validate the adequacy of the requested training and its modalities. But if you want your teams to stop wasting time, to hide the dust under the carpet, and to send the ball back, you have the solution: offer them to develop their skills, think training!

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