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Rabu, 26 Desember 2018

Kitchen Classics: Recipe For Risotto Alla Milanese

Kitchen Classics: Recipe For Risotto Alla Milanese

Risotto alla Milanese (rice with saffron) is the most famous dish of the Milanese cuisine. The history of its origins goes back to the 15th century. In the following article you can read about it and get the delicious risotto recipe from Milan.

Risotto alla Milanese and its history
According to the story, a gifted student of a well-known glass painting artist is said to have achieved wonderful yellows in glass production by adding saffron.

His master, together with the journeymen, had been commissioned to produce the glass windows in Milan Cathedral. During work, some saffron fell into the boiling risotto pot. The color of the dish was so unique and unusual that the recipe got around in a very short time in the whole of Milan. Here is the delicious original recipe.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  1. 1 liter cattle stock
  2. 1 onion
  3. 200 g bovine marrow bones
  4. 50 g of butter
  5. 400 g Risotto round grain rice (eg Vialone or Arborio)
  6. 1 tsp saffron threads
  7. 125 ml of dry white wine
  8. 50 g of Parmesan, in a piece
  9. Freshly ground white pepper
  10. Sea-salt

How to cook
Heat the beef stock. Peel the onion and chop finely. Trigger bovine marrow and finely dice. Melt with 25 g of butter in a saucepan. Briefly fry the onion in hot fat over a low heat. Then add rice and saffron and fry until glassy. Pour in the white wine and cook under mild heat while stirring.

Increase the heat a little, pour one-third of the hot stock and wait with frequent stirring until the rice grains have almost completely absorbed the liquid. Repeat the same procedure twice more. After about 30 minutes, the risotto is done.

One half of the Parmesan plane, the other rub. Stir the grated cheese with the remaining butter under the risotto. Season the risotto with sea salt and pepper and arrange on preheated plates. Sprinkle with the grated Parmesan.

My tip for serving Risotto alla Milanese:
Served with edible gold leaf, the saffron risotto looks very noble. Enjoy your meal!