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Rabu, 26 Desember 2018

How To Balance Family and Job

How To Balance Family and Job

It is not easy to combine a career as well as a child and a cone. Many children wish that their parents are more there for them. But this attention you can give your child even with limited time.

Bring family and job together, creating a common time.
Of course, you can not avoid creating time for yourself and your child. It pays to be flexible when approaching the topic. Maybe the whole family just gets up half an hour earlier in the morning to play or eat together. Or you can pick up your child for the duration of your lunch break. Especially when you are working, there is every gap in your time schedule that you can use with your child.

Be fully present
Creating the mentioned time alone is not enough. Especially when you are stressed out and your thoughts are not completely in the thing, then your child will notice immediately. You should be careful to fully devote your time to your child, listen to them and give them the feeling that you understand. Do not show unhappy face, give your smile and feel how much you love your family.

If this is difficult for you, you can, for example, praying even together with your child. This will focus your attention on the current moment again and you can spend more time with the child. So just be aware of the unfortunately limited time together.

This is how your child gets the attention it needs
Even children whose parents work less can feel neglected. Because children want your full attention and not your time. Working parents should thus create little time-outs with the child, in which both together experience the moment very intensively and are only busy with each other.