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Selasa, 22 Mei 2018

Mac OS X Shorcuts Tutorial

Mac OS X Shorcuts Tutorial

Here are many useful shortcuts that will make your daily work with your Mac OS X much more comfortable and efficient. The keyboard shortcuts, listed here will work in all current Mac OS X versions.

Shortcuts that are only available in certain OS X versions are labeled with the version name. 
- OS X Mavericks
- OS X Yosemite
- OS X El Capitan
- macOS Sierra

Mac keyboard legend shortcut

Mac Esc keyEsc
(also: ␛, ⎋, escape )
Mac tab buttonTab
(also: ↩, tab stop , tab key )
Mac capslock buttonCaps-Lock
(also: ⇪, Capslock , Caps Lock )
Mac shift buttonShift
(also: ⇧, Shift , Shift )
Mac Ctrl keyCtrl
(also: ^, control , control key )
Mac Alt keyAlt
(also: ⌥, option key , option key , selection key ), alternate
Mac Command buttonCMD
(also: ⌘, , Command , Apple , Apple , Apple key , Command key , Command key , clover , cloverleaf , propeller , Ctrl )
Mac Enter buttonEnter
(also: ↩, ⌤, Return , Enter , Enter )
Mac Bpackspace keyBackspace
(also: ←, ␣, backspace , backspace )
Mac eject buttonEjectPower
(also: ⏏, ⌽, eject )
Mac mission control button / Mac Exposé buttonMission Control (former Exposé) 
(also: Overview , F3 , Exposé )

General shortcuts for Mac OS X

Mac OS shortcutAction
Alt + CMD + QSign out
Alt + CMD + Ejecthibernation
CMD + Ctrl + EjectStart anew
Alt + CMD + Ctrl + Ejectshut down
Ctrl + EjectDialog window " Restart ", " resting state ", " off "
Ctrl + Shift + EjectTurn off the monitor / lock Screenlock / Mac
Mac OS shortcutAction
Alt + CMD + Ctrl + 8Invert screen on / off
Alt + CMD + DHide dock on / off automatically
CMD + Shift + Tadds the marked file to the dock
CMD + Shift + 3normal " screenshot, more options
CMD + Tabswitch between active applications
CMD + <switch between windows of an application
CMD + Qexit program
Alt + CMD + EscExit program immediately
Alt + CMD + Shift + Esc
(hold for several seconds)
Shoot down the program
CMD + WClose the window
Alt + CMD + WClose all windows of a program
CMD + MMinimize active window / drop to the dock
CMD + HHide / hide windows
Alt + CMD + Hall windows, except active, hide
CMD + Exposéhide all windows & show desktop / desktop
CMD + F5activates / deactivates the speech output
CMD + ,in most programs settings menu
CMD + Alt + Space
Find dialog
CMD + SpaceSpotlight search
CMD + Space
(keep moving)
CMD + BackspaceMove file / folder to trash
CMD + Shift + BackspaceEmpty trash
Alt + Shift + CMD + BackspaceRecycle Bin without dialog box / clear confirmation
Alt + Shift + Lauter/Leiserfiner volume setting
Alt + Shift + Heller/Dunklerfiner brightness setting
Ctrl + F7activates tab control in dialog boxes
Ctrl + CMD + FProgram in full screen / fullscreen represent OS X Lion
Mark word and 
Ctrl + CMD + D
Dictionary, word look up OS X Lion
F3Mission Control OS X Lion
Ctrl + Pfeiltaste links / rechtsSpaces switch OS X Lion
Ctrl + F3 danach Tabswitch between programs OS X Lion
Alt + Change window size with mouseAdjust the window size on both sides OS X Lion
Alt + Shift + Change window size with mouseScales a window & gets OS X Lion aspect ratio
CMD + Change window size with mouseSize v. inactive windows customize OS X Lion
CMD + move inactive windowsinactive windows move OS X Lion
Move the mouse up / down the left / right edge of the windowMove margins on the sidebar OS X Lion

Basic Shortcuts for Mac OS X

Mac OS shortcutAction
CMD + PTo press
CMD + Oopen dialog box
CMD + Aselect all
CMD + CCopy
CMD + VInsert
Alt + CMD + VInsert & delete the source file (Cut) OS X Lion
CMD + SSave / Save
CMD + Shift + SSave As / Save As
CMD + ZBack
CMD + EEject volume
Fn + BackspaceRemove (Enf key)
Ctrl + Mausklick
Can be used in system settings are changed

Finder Shortcuts for Mac OS X

Mac OS shortcutAction
EnterRename marked file 
can be undone with CMD + Z
Alt + CMD + TShow / Hide Finder Toolbar
CMD + Nopens the Finder / new Finder window / new document
CMD + Pfeiltaste hochClose folder / back
CMD + Pfeiltaste runter
Open file / folder
CMD + DDuplicate file / folder
CMD + Shift + N
CMD + Shift + R
creates a new folder
CMD + IShow file / folder information
Alt + CMD + IInformation about the selected file
while moving
creates a copy of the file
CMD + Alt
while moving
creates an alias at the destination
CMD + Lcreates an alias in the same place
CMD + Rdisplays the source file of the alias
CMD + click on the program icon in the dockdisplays the folder where the program is located
CMD + Kconnect to server
CMD + 1Icon view
CMD + 2List View
CMD + 3Column view
CMD + 4Cover flow view
CMD + YQuick look
CMD + Alt + YQuicklook full screen view
CMD + JDesk presentation options

Mac OS X quick access

Mac OS shortcutAction
CMD + Shift + G"Go to Folder" dialog
CMD + Shift + ROpen AirDrop folder
CMD + Shift + HOpen user directory
CMD + Shift + COpen the computer directory
CMD + Shift + OOpen the document folder
CMD + Shift + UOpen the utility folder
CMD + Shift + KOpen network folder
CMD + Shift + AOpen the program folder
CMD + Shift + DOpen a desk folder
CMD + Shift + Gopens a dialog box
CMD + Shift + LOpen the Library folder
CMD + Alt + LOpen the Downloads folder
Alt + F1opens System Settings -> Monitors
Alt + F3opens System Settings -> Exposé & Spaces
Alt + F10opens System Settings -> Sound

Startup Shortcuts for Mac OS X

The following shortcuts must be executed during system startup.
Mac OS shortcutAction
Cstarts from CD / DVD
AltStartup Manager (selection start volume)
mouse buttonthrows the CD out
Shiftstarts Mac OS in "safe mode", 
disables startup items & unimportant 
kernel extension files
Vstarts Mac OS in " verbose mode "
CMD + Rstarts Mac OS in " Recovery Mode "
Tstarts in " Target Disk Mode "
DApple hardware test
CMD + Alt + P + RNVRAM reset

Word processing shortcuts for Mac OS X

Mac OS shortcutAction
CMD + Alt + Topens a window for inserting special characters
CMD + Pfeiltaste rechtsto the end of the line
CMD + Pfeiltaste linksto the beginning of the line
CMD + Pfeiltaste hochto the beginning of the document
CMD + Pfeiltaste runterto the end of the document
Alt + Pfeiltaste rechtsa word forward
Alt + Pfeiltaste linksa word backwards
Alt + Pfeiltaste hocha paragraph back
Alt + Pfeiltaste runtera paragraph before
Alt + CMD + Shift + VInsert text & customize text style
CMD + X(Text) Cut
long press of a letter 
(eg A)
shows possible letter accents OS X Lion
fn (twice)launches the dictation function OS X Mountain Lion
CMD + Ctrl + SpaceOpens the special character palette

iTunes (Mac OS) Shortcuts

iTunes shortcutAction
Pfeiltaste rechtsplay next title
Pfeiltaste linksplay previous title
CMD + Iopens the song information for the selected title
CMD + Nwith open song information; 
displays information about the next track
CMD + Pwith open song information; 
displays information about the previous track
CMD + Lback to the current song
CMD + Shift + Ncreates a playlist from the selected songs
CMD + Tshows visual effects
CMD + Alt + 2opens the equalizer
Alt + EnterAdd the selected song to "Up next"

iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) Shortcuts

iWork shortcutAction
CMD + BDisplay text in bold
CMD + IText in italics
CMD + UShow text underlined

Preview / Preview Shortcuts

Preview / Preview ShortcutAction
CMD + LTurn document to the left
CMD + RTurn document to the right
CMD + +Enlarge
CMD + -decrease
CMD + 0original size
CMD + Shift + AShows / hides the annotation tools
CMD + DBookmark
Shift + ´
activates a magnifying glass OS X Lion
+ (with magnifying glass activated)enlarges the magnifying glass OS X Lion
- (with magnifying glass activated)Shrinks the magnifying glass OS X Lion

Safari Shortcuts

Safari ShortcutAction
CMD + Shift + NNew private window
CMD + Topen a new tab