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Sabtu, 28 April 2018

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5

GoPro goes back to fundamentals! The GoPro Hero 2018 version is no other than a GoPro Hero5 or 6 with light technical features. It allows video recording in Full HD or 2.7K, benefits from electronic stabilization, voice control control, a waterproof case up to 10 meters and a touch screen display. Simple and basic.

  • Definition (maximum): 2160 x 1440
  • Sensor: 10MP
  • Field angle
  • Electronic Stabilization
  • Video Format
  • Built-in screen: Yes
  • Waterproof camera (without box): Yes
  • Memory card capacity: NA
  • Capacity of the battery: 1220
  • Interchangeable battery: Yes
  • Dimensions: 44.9 x 62.3 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 117 g
  • Wi-Fi options
  • Resistance: Shocks, Dusts, Splashes

Positioned at the entry level, the GoPro Hero 2018 is intended for the greatest number. She opens the trio that she completes with the GoPro Hero5 and 6 Black and allows staggering prices more judiciously. Its strategic pricing position certainly comes from the awareness of GoPro who is trying to somehow revive. Its price, however, remains above the average of competitors.

For this new version Hero 2018 Basic, GoPro does not innovate at all. The Californian manufacturer fully takes the chassis of GoPro Hero 5 and 6 Black and removes some features to justify its lower price, and that's it. Fortunately, this design updated since the 5 Black version is rather attractive. We thus find the rounded lines, the soft plastic and the waterproof shell without additional box up to 10 meters deep.

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5
In naked eye, we can not distinguish the GoPro Hero (2018) GoPro Hero 5 Black and 6 Black

Minimalist, the camera embeds two physical keys, a recording key on the top and a mode key that also serves as an ignition button on the side. Access to the main interface takes place directly from the 2-inch touch screen, fluid and a beautiful definition. Pressing the record button automatically starts shooting even when the camera is turned off. This is useful for recording when the camera is difficult to access or attached to an accessory, for example. We find the voice command, integrated Hero5 Black and 6 Black, now available in 10 languages. For example, it facilitates remote triggering. 

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5
The GoPro Hero (2018) incorporates a 2-inch touch screen and a small control screen in the front.

At the front, a small control screen allows you to view the main information (mode, battery level and remaining recording time on the memory card). The template is unchanged, we regret the lack of additional latches at the location of the battery, memory card and USB connector to enhance the tightness of the camera. 

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5
The GoPro Hero is compatible with a USB-C and a microSDXC card

Connectivity side, the GoPro Hero (2018) is compatible with a USB-C for recharging and includes an HDMI jack. It supports a microSDXC memory card. As usual, few accessories are provided with the camera. We must be satisfied with two adhesive fasteners. We would not have been against a pack a little more ambitious, especially as the price of the camera is still relatively high compared to the competition. 

Finally, if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are present to pair the camera to a smartphone and remote control or to quickly share its files, there is no integrated GPS chip, reserved for GoPro Hero 5 and 6 Black. Note in passing that pairing with the smartphone requires the creation of an account before any connection. 

The Hero version 2018 films in Full HD at 60 fps or 1440 px at 60 fps. Unlike the Hero 5 and 6 Black, there is no 4K / UHD mode, nor Full HD 120p for slow motion, for example. 

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5
Full HD Mode 60p Wide Field.

The GoPro Hero is not equipped with the Protune mode, available on the 5 and 6 Black, which allows you to adjust some advanced settings such as color, white balance, ISO speed, shutter speed and compensation. exposure. Here, the exposure is automatic, so we must be satisfied with the settings applied by the camera. However, we find the electronic stabilization that limits the vibrations and tremors of the device. If it actually reduces some tremors, it is inefficient compared to the stabilization applied to GoPro Hero 5 Black or 6 Black. 

The image is rather well defined, and the contrast is much better managed than the  Ricoh WG-M2,  which also offers bland colors. A slight greenish dominance still slightly disturbs the image. Overall, the color rendition is more faithful and brilliant than that of the elders Hero 5 and 6 Black. The exposure is correct and homogeneous, even if the dense blacks lose detail in the dark areas. The dynamics of the sensor is satisfactory, limiting the problems and the loss of details in very contrasted scenes, in case of high brightness, for example. 

Action Cam Test: GoPro Hero (2018): A Lightened Hero 5
Scene example where the dynamics of the sensor is put to the test. Here the exhibition is well restored and the image not too contrasted.
In photo, the burst mode is slightly lower than that of Hero 5 and 6 Black. It stands at 10 fps at 10 Mpx, against 30 fps at 12 Mpx for its elders. The absence of complementary box is a real advantage and does not disturb the sound recording. The latter is well restored, with clear voices. However, avoid getting too close to the camera so as not to saturate the pickups.

  • Minimalist design.
  • Waterproof without box.
  • Ergonomics and voice control.
  • USB-C socket.
  • Removable battery.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • Stabilization (electronic).

  • No 4K / UHD.
  • No GPS.
  • Insecure hatches.
  • No tripod mount.
  • Few accessories provided.

More classic and more basic than its elders GoPro Hero5 and Hero 6 Black, the Hero version 2018 is an action-cam that offers a beautiful image quality. Its tightness without additional box is also a major advantage over previous models and to face the competition. Its price is, however, above average, double that of a Ricoh WG-M2 for example, which offers advanced exposure settings and 4K / UHD video.

* If you need firmware for camera you have, visit that link I attached.