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Sabtu, 02 September 2017

First references of Samsung Galaxy C8 with dual camera

First references of Samsung Galaxy C8 with dual camera

Samsung Galaxy C8. While the initial rumors told us that the Samsung Galaxy C10 would become the first model of the manufacturer with double rear camera, it was finally the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which bears that title. However, now another leak shows that the next model with this feature would be the Samsung Galaxy c8 with dual camera.

The dual rear camera configuration has become one of the star features of every smartphone. While at first it was something typical of high-end models, little by little has been established in mid-range models. That is the trend we have seen in the market throughout this year. Samsung has been perhaps one of the exceptions, but everything seems to indicate that it will be for a short time.

Samsung Galaxy C8 with dual camera
There is no doubt that Samsung will start betting heavily on the dual-camera configuration on their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. After the photographic results demonstrated by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it is clear that the firm is prepared to offer new models with this peculiarity.

What will be the next Samsung Galaxy with dual camera? The truth is that a few days ago came to the forefront official information from the Asian division of the firm that showed the Samsung Galaxy J7 + as a new equipment, which would look double rear camera with sensors of 13 and five megapixels.

First references of Samsung Galaxy C8 with dual camera

Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 or Samsung Galaxy C8?
However, in parallel has just emerged a leak that shows that Samsung has on hand the presentation of a Samsung Galaxy C8 dual camera. The sample comes in the form of screenshots of what looks like a demo application for presentation of the model. This is how the well-known filterer Ronald Quandt on Twitter.

The images show clearly the name of the new model, brand name Samsung Galaxy C8, but also included the reference of the model, Samsung SM-C7100. The curious thing about this story is that previously we have had the opportunity to see the same reference in the TENAA alluding to the Samsung Galaxy C7 2017.

Will the manufacturer finally opt for the commercial name of the Samsung Galaxy C8 to unveil what once appeared as Samsung Galaxy C7 2017?