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Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Download Any Original Firmware For Samsung

Like most new Samsung, we find a simple and fast method to flash without having to complicate our lives, in the next post I will explain how to get any Samsung firmware, given the problems that many users have when returning to its original state, we will use the original firmware of Samsung for flash and recover your terminal.

Why download the firmware? This question is answered because many users are damaged the terminal, either by bad uninstallation of applications, poor installation of Custom Rom, went wrong the process of Rootero, etc., whatever the reason you need to flash To recover your cell phone here we will learn how to download its original firmware to restore or revive your cell phone.

Download Any Original Firmware For Samsung

By flashing you will get a better overall result by eliminating the applications that come from the factory by your cellular phone provider. Your photos and data that are in your external SD memory or the microSD will not be affected, but all the data that is Find in the internal memory of the cell phone if they will be affected. In case you just want to update your cell phone it is advisable to back up your information.

At we have at our disposal completely free of charge any original firmware for a large number of Samsung terminals. In which we can download our desired firmware for your particular device, in order to use the page we will only need to go visit it.

Without saying more then the steps to be able to download any Samsung firmware .

Download Firmware

  • We check the page .
  • Already registered and logged in we go to the " FIRMWARE " tab.
  • We look for our model number, to show you all the firmwares available.
  • Now we select the firmware based on the country / carrier (May be the most current for your model).
  • Download the file containing the firmware.

Flash Firmware
So that you can flash the downloaded firmware follow these simple steps that I leave here:
  • Download and install the Samsung drivers.
  • Download the Odin v3.10.7 and extract it so that you have the executable.
  • Unzip the previously downloaded firmware file so you can load it from the Odin .
  • Starting the cell phone in Downloads mode is done by pressing the " HOME " + " VOL- " + " POWER " buttons . Then press " VOL + " to start.
  • Start the Odin and connect the cell phone to the PC using USB cable , the box above should turn blue, that means that we have recognized the cell phone.
  • In the Odin press the " AP / PDA " box and look for the firmware where you have unzipped it.
  • Uncheck the " re-partition " box.
  • Click the " Start " button to start flashing, just wait a few minutes and you'll have your cell phone flashing.

Ready!!! With the previous steps you will be able to recover your cell that is because it has been brickeado or just wanting to update its version of firmware.