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Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Wiko Lenny Firmware Download

Donwload Firmware Wiko Lenny. The Wiko Lenny is offered at an incredibly low price: € 73 as I write this review! It has a screen of 5 ''. In this price range, this is very generous! But there's something fishy ... The resolution is low and the overall quality of the image suffered. The texts lack finesse and photos appear somewhat pixelated. The contrast, brightness and faithfulness are like. 

Download Wiko Lenny Firmware
Low Price! A big screen so just OK. In-addition, the screen is not well integrated because borders are rather thick. the finish is correct and plastics are very resistant. the dual-core processor at 1.2 GHz with 512 MB ​​of RAM is sufficient for basic applications such as surfing the web, reading emails or consultation of applications such his bank, the practice of social networks is a little more complicated because the corresponding applications are cumbersome and lacks fluidity. the camera, a 5 megapixel sensor, does not shine nor by its capacity picture nor its reactivity, but at this price I did not expect to frankly better. 

Download Firmware Wiko Lenny

Wiko Lenny Download Firmware

Firmware Wiko Lenny Download
The video capture 720P is correct but as for the pictures, it is necessary that the lighting conditions are optimal. There is a port Micro-SD that can expand the memory up to 32GB. Ideal for storing photos, videos and music as the internal memory of 4 GB which just over 2 GB free is really limited. It is that Android KitKat is preinstalled in this Wiko Lenny. This is far from the final version, but as Wiko had the good idea not to add overlay, the interface is fluid and free of unnecessary applications The experience is finally close to a Nexus. Finally, autonomy is frankly just with conventional use during the day made ​​a few calls, some SMS and some surfing. 

Download Firmware Wiko Lenny
In summary, despite everything, I can only recommend this smartphone which provides for a floor price correct finish and a good level of strength. It is neither the serious photographer or for music lovers, or for fond of social networks. It is against-suited to small budgets and those who want a durable and simple smartphone. The '' More '': + ultra competitive price + Screen 5 '' + Many colors The '' Less '' - poor picture quality - definition of limited screen - Very little suited to multimedia applications to a slightly higher budget, you will find the ZTE Grand S Flex yet the Archos 45 Helium 4G

Wiko Lenny Firmware Download
I am extremely disappointed in the quality of this phone. 
I had heard about the problems with Wiko, but now I could have the experience as well. From the beginning, I encounter some problems with the screen died out occasionally, for increasingly long periods. First I thought it was related to the low battery, however I noticed that the battery lasted less long. Barely six months after ordering the phone, it went dark without possibility use, put a hand if it was plugged into an outlet. When the alarm metamorphosis began, it vibrated continuously until the battery drain. Finally, the phone did not even want to load. I contacted customer service, who said simply has to hand over the day, thinking that it was related to a software bug When I explained my problems for the umpteenth times (four calls), they agreed to send repairs. Unfortunately, I received an email saying I had bad reports problems, I had said that it was a bug in the software, while the problems were no load. They said the camera was broken, so the warranty is no longer valid. They offered to pay for repairs, which cost more than the phone itself! I do not advise any Wiko or this phone, it's more like a scam that has the sale!

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