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Senin, 07 Maret 2016

Huawei Honor 5X Firmware Download

Download Firmware Huawei Honor 5X. After Honor 4X all plastic and Honor 7 decidedly more premium, the Chinese brand has found a balance between a slick design in all its aspects and a price close to the ground. The Honor 5X finds herself with a brushed aluminum shell surrounded on either side by a horizontal strip of perforated plastic texture vaguely reminiscent of the Galaxy S5 .

Honor 5X Download Firmware
The Honor 5X is a smartphone that has the same design of Honor 7 in a product offered much cheaper (around 200 euros), with slightly lower specifications. We found a 5.5-inch display (1080p) and a Snapdragon 616 processor, all with a battery of 3000 mAh.

Download Firmware Huawei Honor 5X

Huawei Honor 5X Firmware Download
Huawei Honor 5X

Download Honor 5X Firmware
Already taken over twice in its Chinese version as in its European version, the Honor 5X was allowed to approach a little longer so that we can achieve a comprehensive test and also more detailed. With this model, the subsidiary of Huawei has made ​​up his mind to propose an alternative to Honor 7 , both larger and cheaper. Moreover, the brand was even allowed to innovate on its new kid with a new smart fingerprint sensor. Is that enough to forget the 7 Honor and all competitors in the same price range? Response in this test.

Huawei Honor 5X Fimware Download
Behind this aspect makes very good picture, the feeling remains one notch below that provided by the Oppo F1 in the same price range, or even by the Honor 7. The feeling of strength they provide is found less here, partly because of thicker edges and a groove between the hull and the screen attracts dust. It would almost seem to be lighter than the bestseller of 2015, yet with a little extra gram on the scales.

Download Firmware Honor 5X
Slightly curved, the pleasantly 5X the curves of the palm, but it also represents a disadvantage. Once flat, press the edges of the screen makes the pitch, which is not always obvious to those who regularly use their phone on a desk.

Firmware Download Huawei Honor 5X Smarthphone
Apart from this small defect that will affect only a handful of users, taking into hands of Honor 5X is very nice, especially in landscape where its rounded edges do not come flay the palm.

Download Firmware Honor 5X
In spirit, the Honor 5X approaches the Oppo F1, with the same processor and available in the same price range. The first is nevertheless distinguished by its 5.5 inch screen Full HD 5-inch HD against for his opponent. It thus has a density of 401 pixels per inch, a third more than the F1 about. In this sense, it resembles more the Honor 6 Plus , which has the same features on this point. To use a traditional (not virtual reality), this is quite enough, even sticking his nose on the screen, it is difficult to discern the pixels.

Firmware Download Honor 5X
IPS screen is of good quality, with viewing angles more than satisfactory, pleasant brightness 406 cd / m², an acceptable contrast of 1,020: 1 and a colorimetry that the eye looks just shoot the blue. This finding is confirmed by our sensor that identifies a general temperature of the screen to more than 8000 ° K, indicating an oversupply of cool colors. The most critical at this level may nevertheless make adjustments via a dedicated menu in the settings.

Firmware Huawei Honor 5X Download
At the exit of the box, the screen is protected by a plastic film, supposedly prevent scratching. Coverage that is not superfluous, since it seems that the Honor 5X is free from other protection, a grant of more compared to 7 Honor and Gorilla Glass coating. Note that the scratches are not the only traces of which you should be wary about 5X. Its screen is very striking and keep a clear memory of each finger on him.

Download Honor 5X Firmware Update
Like its cousin in 2015 before updating to Marshmallow, 5X is equipped with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and boasts a EMUI interface (Emotion UI) 3.1, with what it has good and bad sides. Compared to stock Android, the changes are very numerous, as to render the system almost unrecognizable.

Download Last Firmware Honor 5X
Another nice feature, it is possible to hide some of its main applications screen, like those we never lance (launcher, keyboard ...) or those that could be ashamed (yes I'm looking at you, you who sailest in waters Tinder disorders while you are a couple). To access them, simply pinch the screen to the outside.

Download Firmware Huawei Honor 5X
But the big news of 5X is at the Fingerprint Sensor need to pick her up. With a responsive 0.5 seconds, which is very good without being the fastest in the matter (anyway it surpasses that of the Galaxy S6), it also offers a variety of thoughtful actions. We will not discuss further here the possibility to open the notifications panel, stroking the small square on the back of the phone, or the one that replaces the back with just a touch button (which sometimes becomes problematic when the finger falls it inadvertently) but the actual software innovation of linking a contact or an application to a finger.

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