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Kamis, 14 Januari 2016

NuCom NU-GAN5 Firmware Download

NuCom NU-GAN5 Router Firmware Download. Changes in the new firmware. One of the improvements built into this firmware is very important because it solves a problem that affects many users . With the current firmware, but synchronization with the DSLAM router is fast, the computer takes more than five minutes to get public IP address, that is, takes too long to authenticate against the RADIUS Vodafone through PPPoE. This update fixes this problem, which mainly affects when synchronization is lost for a cut because it takes too long to regain the Internet.

Download Firmware NuCom NU-GAN5
Another important change is that now automatically catch DNS network is not fixed central DNS of Vodafone as it was with the previous firmware. Now sailing will be faster because there is less latency between users and DNS servers. In this manual we are going to teach how to update the firmware to the latest version launched Pepephone officer for NU-GAN5 Nucom router.

NuCom NU-GAN5 Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware NuCom NU-GAN5
The firmware can download it from our account Dropbox (uploaded by us): Download the latest firmware Nucom NU-GAN5. The first thing to do once you have the firmware downloaded to your computer is to access the router Nucom GAN5 NU-through URL with the user "admin" and the password "admin" , to Then press the button "Login" to enter the Web configuration interface:

Download Firmware Router NuCom NU-GAN5
Once we're inside, we must go to "paragraph Management "and click" Update Software ". In this screen we click on " Choose File "and then select the file on your computer with the new firmware. Finally click on the button " Update software "to start the update process will take about two minutes. Once past those two minutes, we get back to the router through the URL with the user "admin" and the password "admin", then press the button "Login" to enter the Web configuration interface:

Download Firmware: