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Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

Generates An Engine For MySql Database With CRUD Admin Generator

CRUD Generator Admin

Generates An Engine For MySql Database With CRUD Admin Generator. Working with databases generally not usually complicated. Many closed source applications are responsible for generating a motor for a face database to a server, although this is usually done based on complex modifications that ultimately end up affect the operation and support of this having to perform complex adjustments in it for further use.

CRUD Admin Generator is a tool that allows us to easily create an engine MySql database in seconds without using any configuration files so that the resulting motor is clean and is fully compatible with other platforms for management and administration.

Admin CRUD Generator is an open source tool (published on GitHub) developed by Jon Reaper (Spanish developer) and programmed with Silex Framework, so the resulting code was generated in easily understandable and editable PHP language for most users advanced. CRUD make us a simple and functional interface that can list, create, edit and delete items without difficulty. You can also create engines from databases previously created to carry, for example, an existing custodial open source data and make it compatible with other applications and tools.

Its open source nature allows all users to review the code and adapt it to your needs. Thus the resulting databases are compatible with other tools and can configure and adapt it to our needs.

CRUD Generator lacks Admin GUI and other elements that can make heavier its operation, so its management and administration is performed through a small local web server that will access from our own web browser without the need for software additional to this. Definitely an excellent open source tool that will facilitate the work to all those who regularly work with databases. So buddy what tools do you use to work with databases?