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Kamis, 29 Januari 2015

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Turn The Smart TV

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Turn The Smart TV
Xiaomi today unveiled two new smartphones and a rival to Chromecast, the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini. Although it is much more than a match for Chromecast. It has the same price, or even cheaper, but has many more possibilities.

A separate device. What sets Chromecast the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is that the latter is a separate device. You do not need a smartphone as the primary device because the Xiaomi own My Box Mini has enough technical specifications to be independent. Actually, it is similar to Apple TV. In fact, we own a smartphone with features like a quad-core processor, RAM 1 GB, and 4 GB internal memory. It has WiFi connectivity in the bands of 2.4 and 5 GHz and Bluetooth.

The device is very small, and hence the Mini, and plugs into any household outlet. It has a single HDMI we have to connect the screen to display the same interface. The HDMI cable is included as well as a Bluetooth remote control. The image quality it offers is 1080p Full HD with Dolby audio quality.

However, if something highlight this Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is its design. So far, all devices of this type that we saw were like little like small consoles that were connected to television and also to the grid stations. Xiaomi has condensed all in a very small device, which appears to be of a similar size to a single adapter, in fact, plugs directly, and only have to connect it to the TV. They claim that 282 components have been integrated in this little device whose size is only one quarter compared with the previous Xiaomi Mi Box.

In terms of its functions will be similar to Chromecast in regard to the possibility to use it to display photos, videos and music from your smartphone or tablet, on the television screen. Of course, so we used to play video games on the big screen, or for watching movies. In this sense, rather than being a Chromecast, is an Apple TV, or Nexus Player. The difference is that its price is lower than these, costing just 30 euros.

It is not yet for sale in many country, and probably will not officially, but as with almost all smartphones and the devices Xiaomi will probably be sold in stores that sell internationally without charging shipping costs.