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Minggu, 11 Januari 2015

Tips Before You Buy A Tablet

tips to buy a tablet
Tablets are increasingly popular since its first introduction. The need for a portable computing device with is simply, but do not leave sophistication that might be a consideration. There are many sellers in the market of tablets, they offer a variety of display sizes, dimensions, specifications, features to the operating system. We know one of the most popular operating system and most widely applied phone is Android OS from google.

The price offered by respective managements tablet manufacturers is very varied, ranging from the price of the tablet below 150 dollars to over hundreds of dollars. Of course this will make us more confused, which tablet is best suited for us?,, Which are expensive over hundreds or are under?,, Indeed, the producers have split the price classification as a class, the low, the medium and high.

Here are some important points before buying a tablet:

Each vendor is different in instilling a tablet product specifications. For example: There are two vendors offer a tablet at the same price. A vendor providing high specification for the processor, but a lower resolution for kamera. While vendor B provides a lower specification processor, but it gives a better camera quality than A. If you are more likely to use the tablet to play games, then the processor specifications high is your choice.

Supports OS Upgrade
Availability Upgrade OS is also very important, because a higher version of the OS would be better than the older version. If your tablet would offer to upgrade to a higher version, this course is the best option for you.

Vendor of Processor
Do not judge if a cheap tablet is always bad quality. But it does, in general, the price is in line with the quality. However, if the availability of a limited budget, you may need to careful. Although it is known from local vendors, for the affairs of the components could be made by third parties. Just look at the processor, to the current processor Qualcomm is a great Although local vendors, if a processor made by the best vendors, it would be a good value for the tablet of your choice.

The speed of the processor (CPU)
The processor is the brain of the computer, including smartphones and tablets. The higher the speed of the processor, it will better performance. On the touch screen, high processor is usually marked by the more responsive touch effects. Moreover, the better to run the application. The clock speed of the processor is called the unit of Hz, but the lowest is usually 800 Megahertz (MHz). So, the higher the value of its Mhz, the better performance.

RAM capacity
Ram is the hardware useful to help the performance of the processor. The unit of measure for the type of memory is byte, but at least the RAM is already in Mb (Megabytes). The higher the RAM memory capacity, the performance of the tablet will also be good. To run the application, high RAM will be far from the impression of a slow response. The higher the RAM, the ability to use multitasking is also getting better. RAM on most tablets of 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB to 1 GB and above.

GPU is Graphic Proccessing unit, and this is almost no difference with the CPU (Central Processing Unit, the main brain of the computer). GPU and CPU is actually the same as the brain of the computer processor types. In tablets and computers in general there are two types of these processors. GPU processor is assigned to the graphics processing on the computer. The higher specification GPU, the better the graphics display is presented. GPU specifications may only need to consider, if you are a gamer. Because games are now mostly require a high specification gadgets, and this is seen from the GPU especially.

With regard some tips on buying a gadget above, I hope you find a gadget that is perfect for you, both on usability and price.