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Jumat, 30 Januari 2015

SImple Advice To Boost Your AdSense Earning

SImple Advice To Boost Your AdSense Earning
This time I offer the following 10 ways to boost your AdSense performance considering the system in which we are working:

1. Place the banners near where you write the articles. An AdSense publisher should -as far as possible- try advertisers to win-win solution, because at the end of the day are those who advertise on our website and by which charge revenue. Placing advertisements about articles (for example, just the end one) give visitors the possibility to expand the information of the apparatus or the company of which we spoke and announced in Adsense, benefiting both parties. Note: Remember that Adsense rules allow only display a total of 3 banners of ads per page.

2. Sets the background color of ads the same background color you have in the articles or main text content of your site. This technique avoids partly the famous banner blindness.

3. Formats using block widths. Ivan Heneghan managed to increase the effectiveness of AdSense by 700% using two blocks 300 x 250 among other techniques.

4. Use monitoring criteria. The monitoring criteria are small "invisible marks' that are inserted into each individual listing and let you display in reports of Adsense statistics for single banner. So if I have several blocks of advertising, I know what is coming to me more profitable, which can eliminate that does nothing or go modifying it for different formats.

5. Use the same color border background. One tactic that works very well is to provide borderless advertising blocks with the same color as the background. The results are blocks of less intrusive advertising.

6. Display advertising to potential customers only. Overwhelmingly, potential customers are those who come to the site through a search engine. Because advertising is something that will upset some, it is a good idea to check this with a server side script (PHP for example) to display only those coming from search engines:
     $ referring = explode ("/", $ _SERVER ['HTTP_REFERER']);
     if (strpos ($ referred to [2], "google") === false) echo "";
     else {echo 'adsense code'; }
If you do not have this type of technology, it might be best done through JavaScript.

7. As far as possible using standard HTML. It is not something that affects directly to AdSense, but a clear and simple code and correct labeling is very likely to be indexed by GoogleBot robot and therefore more visits with potential clients. Also this will make your web is quick to load since occupy much less because it is optimized.

8. Worry about the quality of your keywords. The keywords are the "keywords" why users come to your site. Google gives you enough importance to things like this, the title of the page, the words specified in alternative content, headings, etc. If you do not have a system of statistics register in any (Google Analytics, Histats, StatCounter, Logdy, etc.) and check often keywords that you receive. Try to solve it using specific titles within the subject matter of the articles you write. A user searching for something you will not find on our site will not be interested in many listings in internet.

9. Report sites with illegal tactics. There are users who misuse the service AdSense: click incite or prohibit downloads until you click, advertising without content, etc. All of these tactics are totally prohibited by Google and what they do is decrease the Quality Circle AdSense-AdWords. Let the authors of the sites (many probably have not come to realize that they are violating a rule) or, if ignored, denuncialos in the area reserved for it in AdSense.

10. Google Sitemaps. The Google indexing robot, Googlebot, usually quite effective, and visit with some frequency webs sites for incorporation into its database. However, if we have a lot of items Googlebot may not be as accurate as we would like. For this provides us with Google Sitemaps, a system by which you put at the disposal of the famous search engine index in XML format with all sections or articles free.
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