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Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

Best 5 Wallpaper Software Download

When you see the same wallpaper on your desktop for a long time, most of you would prefer to replace it to make your desktop more lively, dynamic and interactive.

Several new versions of Windows have the basic settings to change wallpaper automatically, whereas previous versions of Windows systems only allow to change the wallpaper manually. In this regard we chose several applications wallpaper changer better with more features are reviewed and assessed on the basis of the following features:

-The user interface or ease of use.
-Change the wallpaper at intervals set by the user
-The position of each set of wallpapers
-Synchronization wallpaper with folders
-Auto close feature after changing the wallpaper to free up system resources
-Slide show and other useful features.

Wallpaper Master has a good user interface with many useful features. This application can be set to automatically start when window login or auto close after 30 seconds to conserve system resources.

Wallpaper Master

Wallpaper Master allows you to categorize and assess any list of wallpapers you think is better chosen more often display. It's easy to add files to the list, or simply monitor the directory to update the list of wallpapers.

Wallpaper can be set to change when Windows starts or at certain intervals in sequence, random or random mode according to the rank. The position of each wallpaper can be set center, stretch, tile or resize as well.

Wallpaper Cycler Lite offers the feature to change the wallpaper on windows startup with other features such as auto shutdown, timer and cycle wallpapers.

This application to manage wallpapers in multi-level categories, which can be linked to a folder on your hard drive to automatically detect new wallpapers. The position of the wallpaper can be set to center, tile, stretch to height, stretch to fill and stretch to width.

Wallpaper Cycler Lite

Wallpaper Cycler Lite has a mode to show a slide show of all your wallpapers in categories. Wallpaper Cycler Lite can also monitor your CPU load when it will do the replacement of wallpaper and prevent the replacement of wallpaper when the CPU is too busy. This free application shows some of the other features in the context menu but they are only activated in the paid version. limited features, including tags, wallpaper layouts, search folders and etc.

You should be trying this one. MuralPix Manager has option to create a frame around the picture as part of the wallpaper. Frame color is processed by the application so it matches the color of the overall image. Furthermore, the calendar can be added automatically to the wallpaper with a variety of settings.

MuralPix Manager

MuralPix Manager allows you to add a folder and automatically detect changes to files in the folder, set the time interval to change the wallpaper, etc. Wallpaper in the folder can be used by screen savers that are included in this program.

The program can be set to auto start or run in silent mode, but do not have the Auto Close. The user interface was not as good as some other programs.

As an other alternative, John's Background Switcher can be used to change the wallpaper that includes additional calendar options.

This application supports multiple monitors and exit the auto-adjustment feature, the interval of time, choose a picture from a folder or from online sources like Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, etc.

John's Background Switcher

Wallpaper can be set to center, scale, thumbnail mosaic, stretch, four-picture montage or napshot scrapbook. This setting applies to all but not for single wallpaper.

Features include image browser to view the image, or use in a montage, but no slide show available.

Wally is a wallpaper changer run on Windows platforms, Linux and Mac OS X. This application developer to reuse the idea of John's Background Switcher (JBS) and complementary areas not covered by the JBS.

Wally user interface looks similar to JBS, but allows the position of the wallpaper tiled, tiled center, centered, tiled maxpert, maxpert centered, scaled, center auto fit or scale and crop. The setting applies to all the wallpaper position in the folder.


The program supports features such as time interval, choose a picture from a folder or from online sources, displays EXIF image data in the system tray tool-tip, photo save the download, folder change detection in run-time, etc. Wally does not have the Auto Close.