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Jumat, 05 Desember 2014

You Can Make Something, How to Sell The Info?

Online Business. Do you want to know how you can make the product information in one hours or less? Tips to sell information products.

An ebook? You may need a week if you are a good writer. The fastest and most creative, and probably the most popular way to make a product information via audio. Audio lets people can listen wherever they go, they can download and listen with mp3 player or by Phone.

But why audio?
Audio is the fastest way you can make your info products, you can record one hour of audio and sell it, easy and fast. Did you know that it has been proven that putting audio on your website can increase your sales? Creating information products using audio can increase the price of your product because it has a higher value, and the majority of customers like to hear the sound rather than reading your book.

Why do I make an audio program is because I can use it to test the product in the right market?
Unlike writing an ebook, you may have to be patient and may wait weeks to create an ebook. For audio, it may take an hour or less, depending on how long you record it. It is way easier and faster you can create a product.

So how to create information products that can be sold on the internet?
If you have never written a book or develop a product before, so in this article I will help you to understand how to make money on the internet just by selling information products.

What is the information product?

Information products are the products that teach how other people to do something that you can do well. You can make it in the form of an ebook (electronic book, audio (CD) series, or video series.

Here are the steps on how you can successfully sell your info products:

1) What thing you can do better than anyone else, or maybe if you know a lot about something?
You must first determine the topics for your product. Whether you are a fisherman, a good dog trainer, or did you know how to use the discount coupons / vouchers to shop and save money every week? You can write anything that can be useful for others if they will want to buy your information product.

2) Write down an outline of all cases that you know about your topic is.

3) Set all terms of number 2 above into the category of information.
For instance, in the example of fish, a list of ten different types of fish, how to choose a good fish, etc.

4). Under each category, list everything you know about that category.

5) Time to write what you know.
Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Try to write like everyone was telling you, in one paragraph should last no more than 3 sentences. You have to write from your heart, share all the information that you can with the aim of others who read it can get benefits.

Write an article on any topic. When you have an article written on any topic, without feeling you have that information product ready to sell.

6) You can use the same process to the audio or video.
But when you use your audio just talk, not write.

7) Be sure to try at least one person to read. 
Nothing is more embarrassing for yourself than see a print error in your writing. Involve others to read your posts and accept their criticism. Once finished, make your writing into a PDF file. After that, start selling your products on the internet.

So, selling information isn't so difficult, is it? Good Luck!

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