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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

What Is The Best Investment? GOLD..!

Gold Investment
Know Your Gold Investment. Gold is an expensive precious metal. Many people who already understand that gold is a long-term investment vehicle. They save money in the form of gold and then, when they need money, the gold can be sold by them. When examined more in-depth turns gold has many advantages compared with other investment of course with some conditions support. Currently gold investments can be made through a futures exchange.

If you are interested to invest in the form of jewelry, especially gold, you need to understand about the gold content. The content of the gold content assessed by international standards in units called carats. Levels of the gold content of the gold jewelry is determined by the alloy of gold and other metals (copper and silver) were used. When buying gold, you should inquire about the level of carat and certificate of authenticity.

Gold price movements very closely linked to the exchange rate. In essence, the gold price expressed in units of US dollars based on the world gold market price, based on the London Metal Exchange. So when the dollar strengthened against the local currency, the gold price will also increase, and vice versa. Gold prices also depend on the development of demand and supply around the world so that the price of gold which formed the best price at the time. Investment gold or precious metals is relatively safer than chance played by large investors or speculators.

Economic conditions of a country influence on price changes in one country. The inflation rate of a country can be the indicator. Not so with gold. The higher the inflation rate will be higher the gold price increases. So it can be said that gold investment is an investment vehicle or resistant anti inflation. Therefore, many investors are placing a lot of gold in the composition of the portfolio as a hedge against inflation in particular. In the uncertain security conditions or financial condition volatile macro, people will generally take shelter from the monetary turmoil by diverting funds into gold. So, as long as a country's inflation is still relatively high and the state in general is still full of uncertainty, gold is an investment vehicle that is quite interesting.

Types of investment in gold

1. Gold Jewelery
Gold investment in this form has two advantages at once, namely as a means of investment and as jewelry which can be used. Many of the people who still believe that investing in gold will provide benefits and the level of security is higher. Gold jewelry is a basic form of gold investment that has been made by the Arabs long ago.
One disadvantage of investment gold jewelry is the cost of making jewelry. Cost is what causes the price per gram of gold is becoming more expensive. The more complicated and difficult to shape the jewelry, the more expensive the cost of manufacture and the price to be paid. And when you will resell the gold jewelry, gold jewelry manufacturing cost is usually not taken into account by the gold shop. Gold jewelry is sold only by weight and content owned. Therefore, investing in gold jewelry gold is becoming more expensive although it has two advantages of investing and stylish at the same time.

2. Gold Bullion (bars)
Type of gold investment in the form of bars provide a level of security and profit and higher. Investment and buy gold bullion (bars) is guaranteed because it will be given a certificate of authenticity that includes providing information about the id number, weight, size and level of the gold content. Precious metals are generally accepted (buying and selling) is a world market of precious metals. With precious metal weight is 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 1000 grams and 999.9% gold content. Now many investors who invest in gold bullion in a way to collect gold to increase profits.

3. Gold Coin
Production of gold coins will facilitate long-term planning family who want to reach expectations. Investment gold coins can also be connected with the collection of antiques. Antique gold coin price offered will be much higher than the price of gold coins usually are only judged by the degree of purity or the levels of carat. For those of you who have excess money and know the ins and outs of antiques, gold investment of this kind can be an attractive alternative to long-term option.
Gold is a type of investment that is quite interesting, especially if you have a long-term perspective. Fluctuations in gold prices in local currency is strongly influenced by the exchange rate of the US dollar. The price of gold is also strongly influenced by inflation level. The higher the inflation rate, usually the higher the increase in gold prices.

Happy hunting and investing in gold .... !