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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Wanna be a Professional? Use a Premium Template.

If you want to make the best earning of adsense, you should use a premium templates. Premium templates are designed more suitable to the situation of the needs of your website, especially for wordpresss users. So this blog it's not use premium template like this blog hahaha lol.

There are many attractive options premium templates that you can buy / use, and relatively inexpensive, which is in theme-id.com.

You only pay a few dollars once but the template will give you more money each month to you. Hopefully I am also planning to buy a template there. One of the screenshot you can see as below.


(I) For maximum adsense income, you should use a premium templates and domain TLD with selfhosted. Guaranteed you will not lose time. Thankyou.
If you have lot of money please buy me one and I will write your name with CAPSLOCK on my post. :D