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Senin, 15 Desember 2014

TP-LINK WA860RE, Cheap Wifi Extender

Wireless. I'm sure there are many of you who sometimes had difficulty in obtaining a strong WiFi signal due to the distance to the router or due to obstructions such as walls of the room, the difference floor with a router, or because of interference signals on the same channel. All of them can cause WiFi signal becomes weaker. It was as a common problem that occurs, then the TP-LINK as a leading vendor of network tools from china country issued a WiFi extender products with dual antenna 300Mbps speed.

wifi extender cheap
Installation is fairly easy and simple. There are two ways. The first way is using the WPS feature. While the second way through a web browser which can be directed when you turn on and and connecting with a LAN cable to the PC user. With typical web interface settings of TP link, there is a quick setup menu is very easy for users most laymen. Thus, users with no knowledge of networking will have no trouble when using this product. From the results of tests conducted, the WiFi range extender works very well, even the strength of the signal exceeds the original router. From a distance of 20 meters and with a wall, still can get a full signal and very stable

This product antenna design can be rotated, so users can set the appropriate polarization for the placement of this WiFi extender.

The right users for this product is in offices, homes, schools, airports, restaurants, cafes, cafes, even for gaming center, this product is still focused in indoors. Since this product is designed only for indoors. Although this product has a fairly large dimensions, this product can also be used when you travel frequently and need WiFi while in the hotel room but getting less powerful signal. I have concluded that this product deserves to be used as a reference when you need a WiFi extender with low prices and suitable for home and office needs of small scale.

PRICE: $ 40


-Speed: 300Mbps

-Interface: Wifi, Lan

-Special feature: WPS, outlet, Smart Signal Indicator Light


Unit, Manual, CD installation, lan cable


+ Range WiFi far enough

+ Installation is very easy

+ Cheap Price


- It does not support multiple SSID