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Senin, 08 Desember 2014

Tips to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

Laptop Battery
It is important to us to know how to keep laptop battery last longer, it is to anticipate your laptop battery is not quickly broken. Although there are ways to improve the laptop battery damaged, but we can keep the battery can be preserved, at least 3 years.

I will discuss with you, or rather to share my experience with you all about how to take care laptop battery to be durable for years. I will share tips that from my personal experience, and is expected advise if there is something wrong in my submission later.

Because there is a saying better to take safe than to fix, so make sure you always take care of laptop battery to prevent rapid deterioration. OK, we just entered in the first discussion, about laptop battery care tips.


Taking care of your laptop battery actually the same as caring for mobile phone battery, because it is of the 'composition' or the materials to make the same battery (it seems). Still, there are some specific things you should consider, among others.

1. Avoid CDC

Charge and Discharge, which means less is Plug then Disconnect. As hard as possible avoid Repeal battery though battery is fully charged. For what? because the laptop battery is advanced now, there are features of the input power breaker. So when the battery is charged 100% then when we are charging, the power will not be sent to the battery, but directly used Laptops, such as computer, so the power supply directly to the computer.

2. Avoid Using Screen Too Bright

Too bright screen will drain the battery faster than the dim screen. So try to adjust your screen brightness in the safe zone. I set it pretty easy, by pressing fn + f5, then the screen will dim be some percent from the previous.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Widgets

Screensaver, Animation, Unimportant widget should not be allowed to decorate your desktop, because it will make the job Processor and RAM increases, and it will certainly have an impact on battery usage is also getting bigger. For that try to use wallpaper with JPG or image that does not moving.

4. Avoid Using Maximum Volume

Laptops are not designed as Desktop that can emit a loud thumping noise and loud. The solution is to capitalize on the headset, the headset even though the volume on your laptop set in the range of 30-40, but the sound emitted will be much larger feel.

5. Do not Using Laptop To Play Heavy Game

I mean heavy games is games that have a 'minimum requirement' is the same as the specifications of your laptop. Because it will force your Laptop (processor, and ram vga) working extra hard to play the game, in addition to the processor will get too hot, the battery will also be hot. That is why you should not play a heavy games.

6. Do not use an aggravating Laptop Accessories

The accessories I mean is like a mouse that has a light, colorful flickering lights blinking like disco lamp, once again do not use it. It will drain your battery. Should better choose an ordinary mouse.

7. Make sure not many programs running Startup

When Windows Startup, this is where Windows or laptop working very hard, it is not to be at the time, plus or burdened with the passage of non-essential programs. To check it is very easy, you just need to open the Task Manager and see the Start-Up Menu then disable unnecessary program.

Seventh How To Take Care Of Laptop Battery I mentioned above, if you do well, then you are guaranteed Laptop Battery can last for many years (at least 3 years). Although there are many internal factors that affect the durability itself such Laptop Battery Cell of Laptops, more and more (6-Cell), the better the battery life than batteries with 4-Cell.