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Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Things You Should Know About Google Search

number one position in google search
Susscess in online web shop marketing? This time I'll explain how your website to be loved by Google, there are so many beginners out there are confused in order to get google's heart. Most of the beginners just doing some SEO tricks only from one side tehnique, and they don't realize if something has wrong because they left another trick, then they hope their blog should already has a high page rank SERP. For those of you need to get the google love you should consider some info's below:

1. Google has claimed war on spammers.
Do not forget this thing forever, Google works only for two things, first to improve its quality of its search results and killing web spammers. So if you already know what things are hated by Google, it's mean you already know what things are loved by Google too.

2. Google gives its heart to the focus web topic
There are so many web with only in a single page but too many topics, not only that. They also do nothing to optimize their templates and their articles which makes Google confused about what they defined in their web page. Optimizing template and the content are a must first step in order to make Google will not confused in further, bacuase if you make google confuse, trust me! it will ignore your site. The best way to take attention of google is only focus to one topic!

3. Google loves so much the web with so many contents
Google makes difficult for spammers web. This is will make the spammers also work extra hard to make Google smile, and you can not only make only one article or two pages and then you dream to get a lot of visitors from Google. Google will only love you if you are getting rich in content.

4. Unique content is google favorite food
Do not even think with just so many the same content you wrote repeatedly and use articles spinner then you hope to be loved by google. The more unique your discuss about something, the greater of authority you get from Google.

5. Google will kiss your web if your content favored by visitors
Google knows and always seek for visitor who visit a web page. Normally a visitor should spend less time commensurate with the number of words. If a visitor to spend time under it, then it is likely the article is not good qualified or not sought by visitors.

It could even be better if the reader opens a lot of other pages and also read up all of your content on every page. It is an indicator that your web is very healthy.

6. Google will hold website with so many backlinks
It's just like a popularity contest in real world, the more backlinks you get, of course the higher rank.

You can get a lot of backlinks but should be from many domains as well. If you have a lot of backlinks but from the same domain and dominates your backlinks, it is means you trigger the google spamming warning alarms. And you also can not build thousand backlink in a short time, why? dont ask me, better do not do that or google will send you to the hell of network search.

With those list above you should to know, then do not wait to action! if you wanna get rich from internet, first you have to get google's heart because we have no choice right now. Do what it wants and gat the feed back.