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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

The Advantages of High PageView For Adsense

Advantages of PageView
For an adsense publisher, in addition to niche blogs and traffic, you also need a high page view to increase the ranking of your blog and increase adsense income. High pageview will reduce bounce rate so the stronger the blog rankings in Google SERP, and will produce a nice ad clicks because CTR will be balanced by the number of page impressions. Then surely your adsense revenue will rise rapidly.

Here are two advantages of high pageviews blog.

1. High pageview will increase the ranking of a blog

As I explained above, with a high pageview then bounce rate down so that it ranks blogs rise, and, google will judge that your site is useful for visitors because they are widely read our posts. Not only that! Your blog will be classified as eligible blog adsense publishers because it have a good navigation with evidence the number of page views recorded by google.

2. adsense earnings increase faster than the page view mediocre
This is your real target. High pageview will display ads that changed in front of the screen visitors alike. When they finished the last navigation, usually visitors will be surprised to see ads that are always different, and eventually they visit out of curiosity that eventually they navigate the Adwords advertiser's site.

(I) If the visitors navigate your blog repeatedly, then your blog rank will go up, but if the user does not navigate your blog more, then they will click on your adsense ads as long as the blog has been applying optimization techniques pageview most potent.

I am sure your adsense earnings will rise faster than usual that only have pageview mediocre or just 2 times the number of visitors there. Good luck and I hope you are smiling widely after seeing the results. I myself was surprised after seeing the toolbar publisher adsense revenue continues to grow in every 5 minutes.

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