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Kamis, 18 Oktober 2018

Samsung HD Smartcam SNH-6410BN

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Web Cam. SmartCam HD1080p quality camera is supported in LAN and WiFi, and easy to operate via a web browser or via mobile phone. This cam also be accessed via the android application which can be downloaded at Google Playstore or with an iPhone application. Additionally as a security camera, IP camera made by Samsung is also applicable to two-way communication using a mobile phone user. For example, users of office and home users are aware of theft, it is only by using the user's mobile phone, users can scare the thief by using the microphone of the mobile phone. If the build-in speaker quality is less, the user can add speakers via the 3.5mm jack. With two-way technology of the IP camera, users are also able to listen to the sound captured by the camera's IP.

One more excellent feature is the direct night mode function automatically when dark or night. In addition, motion detection of the IP camera is fairly sophisticated, where able to distinguish between the movement of the leaves with the movement of pets and humans. There is also a micro sd slot to store the record of motion detection so that for users who do not constantly monitor his IP cameras can see from the records that have been stored in the micro sd.

By 1080 HD lens used and the wide lense used increasingly adding positive value of this product, when tested these products and placed in a corner or center of the room, the IP camera is capable of displaying almost the entire contents of the room very well. The ability of the lens to show better with delay look pretty quickly. The ability to detect motion only in certain places are also present in this product, so let users simply want to monitor the movement only at the door or window or aisle, it can be done. So the movement apart spots or areas that have been determined to be ignored.


Resolution: 640x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080

Zoom: 4x Digital Zoom

Interface: Wi-Fi a / b / g / n dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, LAN

Weights: 380 g

Special features: Alarm, Night Vision, Multiple Streams


Adaptor, Manual, LAN Cable, Wall Mounting, DVD instructions for use



+ Support WPS,

+ Night Mode

+ Full HD

+ Two Way Communication

Price Premium US$ 220 dollars.