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Sabtu, 27 Desember 2014

RJ 45 Connector Crimping

Connector Rj45

RJ 45 connector is used to connect the cable to the port using the RJ 45 connector, this connector type is very often encountered as many network devices that use RJ 45, examples such as LAN cards, routers, switches and others. RJ 45 not out with UTP cable. Before installing the RJ 45 connector, UTP cable is usually prepared in advance of its corresponding pin, pin arrangement on the cable depends on the type of cable to be used, either using a straight cable or using a crossover cable. to order straight or crossover cabling.

following a brief tutorial on how to connect UTP Cable with RJ 45 connector.

How to wiring to RJ 45 connector:

-To attach the cable to the connector cable make sure the order is correct.
-Then insert the cable to the RJ 45
-Furthermore, using tweezers connectors crimping pliers
-After the test the wired connection using a cable tester.

Hopefully this article will help you, if you feel confuse, just leave your comment below will you? I'm gonna reply as best as I can .....