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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Recognize The Type of Unwanted Blog By Visitor

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Online Classes. Unwanted blog by the visitors or "hated by visitors" will affect the loss of pageviews and traffic. Because no one become to be a loyal visitor. If you are a blogger and you want your blog favored by visitors, then you must to know the characteristics of the most hated blog by visitors.

Here are the characteristics of a blog or website that is most unwelcome visitors alias hated, both visitors fellow bloggers and general visitors.

1. Blog With Heavy Loading
Blogs like this will take a lot of time for visitors or readers. The slow internet connection is not visitors mistake, but that is a task of the blog owner to help visitors with slow connection by making your blog more faster. If not, surely visitors will get bored and cancel to read your article. They would prefer to search for information on other websites that are widely available on the search page. Instead of just waiting for long loading of your blog.

2. Blogs With Pop-Up and Floating Ads
Blogs like this will forces the visitor to get busy, because visitors must first click on the X button in the floating ads at top of the page in order to close it. Visitors must busy in advance if they want to read the content of your posts. Then visitors will not want to navigate the blog further. They will leave you and never to come back, sometimes because so angry and if they can meet the owner of that blog. I'm sure they will punch at the blog owner's face.

There is even a blog that does not have X close button. Visitors are must required to like in fanspage facebook first, then a new article should be read. Instead thank to the visitors, but instead asked for something to visitors. It is certainly the visitors will go away as soon as possible and look for another blog that is more friendly to visitors. Trust me some of them will curse those weird blogs.

3. Blogs With Potentially Torture Your Eyes
Visitors will be get tortured if entered into a blog like this. Starting from the page background color, text color, and so on, all-round too glare. Everything is uncomfortable to see and read. So visitors better to go rather than reading a potentially danger damaging their eyes.

4. Blogs With Misleading Visitors
Blogs like this deliberately not intended to visitors, but only for the benefit of the owner of the blog itself. For all links on the page posts directed to unwanted pages. For example, all of the links directed to adfly that does not conform with the actual information. Instead of directing the reader to a page that contains information that they are looking for. Certainly visitors will not be back again and curse so hard, because that blog is useless and only use for the benefit of the blog owner itself. Only unilateral interests.

5. Blogs With Autoplay Music
Blogs like this make visitors getting shock and very disturbing. When visitors come in and suddenly there is unwanted sound of loud music and visitors do not know how to turn it off. Moreover, the music sickening then visitors will not want to read and navigate these blogs than feel noisy in their ears continuously. Finally, visitors will turn off the music by clicking the X button the upper right corner or perhaps they will feel angry and start to burn their own laptop or PC's.

This five course that I can say. If you wanna see a good blog, just see this blog hahaha lol. Hopefully useful and thank you.

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