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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

Rapoo E1050, Wireless Keyboard

keyboard wireless
Rapoo EI050 is a wireless keyboard which uses 2.4GHz connection. This keyboard has a compact form, but make it a must to put the button to close to one another. Several key changes have taken place in order to minimize the size to be smaller. The buttons are also experienced a slight diminution direction than the size of a standard keyboard, but still comfortable to use.

Use of this keyboard typing sound does not cause noisy, so it is very convenient to use for typing, especially if you do a lot of typing. This keyboard uses a AA battery as a power source. The distance range signal of this keyboard is approximately 10 meters.

This keyboard can be used directly (plug and play) in any operating system. There are function keys that can be used for a wide variety of multimedia things like volume, play / pause, and so forth. The keyboard is suitable for use in the home or office.

Technical data:

Interface: USB 2.0 receiver with wireless 2.4 GHz
Weights: 435 grams
Special Features: N / A
Sales Package:  battery, receiver and manual book

+ Voice type is not noisy

- Disadvantages: The distance between the keys are so close.

Price: US$ 13