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Selasa, 23 Desember 2014

Online Advertising Network, Chitika For Adsense Alternative

CHitika Online Advertising Network
Online Advertising Network. Chitika is a program / website provider of online advertising services. With the method of PPC (Pay Per Click). Chitika provide advertising for advertisers and provide ads from the advertiser to the website or blog (publisher) through the Chitika network that already has registered account.

Chitika ads can be mounted on a regular blog or business blog. Chitika allow publishers from various countries to put their ads on various blogs language or in English language. Until now there are many publishers from various countries earn money through Chitika PPC program, some already earning $ 10 / month or up to $ 1,000 / month.

Like Google Adsense PPC ads appear and any visitor who click it and will be paid a total of dollar discretion Chitika. Chitka also an alternate except google adsense, for those of you who do not already have adsense account you can register for free at Chitika. For now Chitika only support for English with premium ad sense or real ads only appear when visitors come from state-based English as Canada, US, UK, etc. But do not worry even if your blog is a non english speaking you can still get income from Chitika.

Experience With Chitika advertising
I myself already get the benefits by getting a decent income, after all, Chitika is a PPC program that is very lightweight / small for the amount of the payout. Only by having a balance reaches $ 10 you can only withdraw to paypal. I've been several times to withdraw money from Chitika, next time I will show proof of payment of Chitika.

Withdrawal of two options using a paypal account or a check. I recommend for a beginner you can use paypal only, due to a verified paypal account you are able to receive money from Chitika. My paypal account is not yet verified, but withdrawals can still be done. Moreover payout from Chitika using an automated system. without having to request, if it has reached the minimum balance money will be directly sent every month automatically to your paypal account.
If you are interested please try to register, it is registered to your blog there. If you've received a Chitika publisher you can post ads on your blog. Usually it is not a long term review of my own just four days has been accepted. Moreover, the English-language blog 3 days usually you've got the reply that your registration is accepted.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!
Then follow the instructions there to register. Make sure your email is active for registration verification. After registering please wait for a few days. If you still do not understand, please ask to post your comments below. Future post I will discuss more about Chitika. Thank you ,,