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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Meet Linda Ikeji, She Earns More Than $ 1 Million Per Year

linda ikeji
High Paid Income. Her name is Linda Ikeji. She is a young woman from nigeria. the owner of free blog using blogger platform. She earn more than $ 1 million per year from adsense ads, besides adsense, she also received order from the advertiser of the United States and Britain. A superb free blog!

BBC report, Linda Ikeji is a top female bloggers with a simple website that lead the trend of young people, women fashionable and popular entertainment sites in nigeria.

"Linda Ikeji is one of Nigeria's top bloggers - leading a trend of young, fashionable women in the country WHO are bypassing traditional media to take Reviews their news and views direct to the internet.

Her website - - is one of the most popular entertainment sites in Nigeria, and her articles posts reflects the diversity of its readers from the celebrity gossip and relationship advice to fashion and world politics.

What is the secret Linda Ikeji succesful?

Linda Ikeji not quite good at blogging, but she has a strong spirit that is hard to get beat. In addition, she is fluent in English because it is a journalism graduate. Therefore, she is well known among bloggers began in nigeria, united states to Europe.

Linda started her blog since 2003. In every day to manage the free blog without getting even one penny. She was only armed with a laptop and an internet modem. However, the limitations of infrastructure not become a barrier for successful human candidate. Linda is not the type of woman who easily give up. The difficulty of building a blog midnight and tired eyes staring at the computer is a potent recipe that forge into a successful blogger.

In 2007, Linda began to increase the frequency of updates. She posted at least 25 articles every day during the night alone without any assistance. Since then she began to feel the results of her labors and five years later her blog became the most visited site in nigeria.

This simple-looking women get the article from,,, and large sites in nigeria, then she put into her favorite blogs. Until now her blog to get millions of traffic per month and put it into the list of 10 richest blogger on earth.

Here is a list of 10 richest in the world of bloggers income;

Michael Arrington ($ 800,000)
Pete Cashmore ($ 600,000)
Mario Lavanderia (PerezHilton, $ 400,000)
Vitaly Friedman ($ 190,000)
Timothy Sykes ($ 180,000)
Jake Dobki ($ 110,000)
Collis Ta'eed ($ 110,000)
Gina Trapani ($ 110,000)
Matt Marshall ($ 100,000)
Then Ewdison ($ 60,000)

Where Linda Ikeji?

succesful blogger earning
Some masters in the United States calculate earnings of Linda Ikeji ranked websites, more than $ 100,000 per month or $ 1 million per year into her account. No wonder many investors who want to buy her blog. And that we need to give appreciation, of the tenth successful bloggers over only Linda Ikeji who use free blogs. And another great blog looks very simple and it is.

But unfortunately at the end of 2013, her blog Linda Ikeji in banned by google adsense. But that does not matter, Linda still get tens of thousands of dollars from major international advertisers.

But in early 2014, re-enable Google Adsense blog Linda Ikeji from banned. Of course! Because Linda Ikeji is a charismatic figure and is a respected blogger from Nigeria to foreign countries. Even bloggers united states and europe many who admired him.

Well ... all successful publisher majority had experienced banned, and it will make it more intelligent. Some blogger masters say, if it has not been banned by adsense means can not be called a blog master. Either that banned the site or Adsense account.

Linda Ikeji not like living lavishly

Now Linda Ikeji become a celebrity who often appeared on television gossip show in nigeria. She led the new style trend of young children in the country. Her efforts have been made during the night since 2013. tirelessly, now deserve it get rewarded for it.

What rhing you can learn from Linda Ikeji?

Increase the frequency of updates you with hard work. That's it! Well ... just hard work that could break the barrier in front of you for success.

Can you succeed as Linda Ikeji?

Why not ?! You will definitely be successful as long as willing to work hard and unyielding as Linda Ikeji. Maybe today you are still teetering on the trip and have never felt the results of your efforts, but wait just one day. Does not rule out the possibility that one day you will represent a successful blogger in the world. Who knows you are a candidate for a millionaire who is now being sought.

Success does not look at the people background, but success only side with people who want to work hard and never give up like you. Maybe you manage a free blog now will change your fate someday.
Keep fight buddy!