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Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Keyword Spamming, A Fatal Black SEO Tehnique

what is black SEO
Seo is very cruel world, why do I say cruel? because I met some blogs still using the hidden keyword phrases. indeed in 2012 many of the bloggers who used this method, but by time and also the updateof panda google algorithm that the bloggers who use black hat seo were many discarded far away by google and more terrible is the elimination of mass blog. even since the latest panda hidden keyword phrases still exist in some blogs up to now, who knows what they thinks about the world of bloggers who obviously eventually they will feel what they did.

Black Hat Seo: What Is Hidden keyword phrases?

Seeing the words you already know that is a business in search engine spamming under the pretext of the need to have a good position in the SERP, but once again this is not a good thing but this is an attempt to self-destruction. The methods by using plugins or even use the HTML format.

Do Keyword Phrase: arrangement keywords in the blog that had been installed in the html tag, or what we might call the url / link. then why in the hide? as we know that is the practice of black hat seo which means that the culprit was deliberately and create keywords that destroy their competitors website or blog, this is called the hidden keyword phrases.

it is most in hate by search engines but it would be a good idea to make use of articles and keyword phrases properly then this will prevent it from black hat seo, good arrangement will never called spam. but certainly you must know Keyword Density is also good you can be in a safe spot, because the excess of keywords would be fatal, too many keyword is the practice of spamming in search engines.

Speaking of Black Hat SEO, for now you can not count on for good SEO to optimize your blog. because the algorithm google and other search engines already consider this type of spam. then what if it already happened? content is your main weapon, only strong keyword phrase and backlinks wiil not boost your position to be in pageone.

The last thing one before I close this article is necessary in understanding the content remains the king, for any keyword, you will still lose with unique content, because search engines to put forward for the current user need. so fighting for the website for this now so fierce that even the same said content created only original writing will not be able to occupy a good SERP though you update every day anyway you lose. why lose? want to know why? read at the top of the search engine forward of the user experience on your blog or website. if you understand what I mean is that you will succeed to occupy a good SERP, hopefully this article will help you to know and stay away from the hidden keyword phrases and black hat seo.

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