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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

Just Do It Man. Yes You Can..!

you can

I Can Not Do That !. The words are often encountered or often we said when confronted in a particular situation.

An interesting thing is the sentence is usually uttered when we are faced with a situation or opportunity where we can go forward. Yes indeed, it is natural if we can not do. But whether they can also be granted once. Of course not, there will not be a baby born suddenly become an entrepreneur, no babies born suddenly become a great blogger.

However great peoples like David Beckham, Jackie Chan or anyone still could not anything that can be done when they were a baby in general.

When you say you can not, believe me everyone had also can not. I can write right now, because since I first to practice on writing. But when I was baby of course I could not write. You can not, because you do not learn and practice. So basically you want to or not? Right?

Everyone actually been faced with a situation where we can not do a thing, including those who are already successful in their job. But what's the difference between they are proficient with the people who can not do? Yes, because they have the enthusiasm to be brave to try while you are always filled with doubt and scared, and finally did not want to try. If you want to be a success person, Just Do it buddy!

Say to your self..!
Yes I CAN.....!!!! : D