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Sabtu, 27 Desember 2014

Increase Alexa Rank, Based On Personal Experience

SEO. Alexa Rankings as a benchmark for a blog or websites to exist in the Internet world. A blog with a good alexa rankings automatically have lot of traffic and the number of visitors are very much at all. Alexa Rankings also give confidence to the internet users about the content of your blog or website. After learning a few tips from the internet that most nearly equal everything and I have applied what is on each article blogs that discuss how to improve alexa rank.

here is the way I've ever used to increase alexa rank, but it just give a tiny effect.

-Posting articles on a regular basis (2 times a day), it is very nice tips to increase blog visitors, but if you are active for 1 month to keep a blog post on a regular basis but do not increase alexa rank, you do not frustrated and do not stop to write the article.

-Blogwalking DoFollow blog, these tips are used to increase traffic to your blog and on Alexa will automatically add sitelinknya, but 1 month blogwalking until you start to get bored because Alexa did not go up, and sitelinks on Alexa also still zero data.

-Using social networking sites to promote your blog, the way I use twitter and facebook for promotion but the results are still failing.

If all the above tricks are fails, you can use the following small tips based my personal experience. Once I tried a troubleshooting after analyzing my my friend's blog with quite a lot of visitors a day and his alexa rank is also very good although his articles is not more than 90 articles only. From my observation there are still I did not do, is to put links from each article I made on each page and maybe this is last tips what I have to do to improve alexa rank of my blog. In this way I put links on my blog in every article by making a tab view menu to create a list of articles that are on my posts in the sidebar, so when visitors opened my article then link from each article will also be open and I made their each Category which is at the bottom, as you see on this blog. or commonly called the footer (see the bottom of this blog). After I tried this way I began to feel the results, my alexa climbed dramatically and fantastic to me personally when 15 days ago my alexa still get NO DATA.

For those of you who want to increase alexa rank try the last of my tip, because it is based on my personal experience, and hopefully this article can be useful for you all. If anyone wants to add the best tips to increase Alexa rank please leave a comment and I am very happy to receive suggestions and comments from you all and your comment will I use for reference for me.