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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

How to Make Wallpaper Site Without Getting Banned by Adsense

Making wallpaper site
Business Solutions. If you want to get dollars from adsense with wallpaper or photography website, it is a good way. You can produce thousands of content in a short time. But you have to be vigilant because the wallpaper site is easy to get banned by adsense.

The reason? Google does not allow adsense ads implemented in only images or videos content, the only post title without description is strictly prohibited.

But do not worry! I have a good solution you can try, and I have tried it since more than 2 years ago until now my wallpaper site is still safe, and its earning is pretty good. But unfortunately the only wallpaper site I use my own hosting in blogger and did not have enough time to hunt for images, so the updates is stopped now.

But the site as I would have to say this is will safe, because it meets the eligibility of publisher adsense criteria. And if it violate the adsense TOS, then I will not share with you.

Here's how to make the wallpaper site:

1. Buy a premium wallpaper template. You could search in google to get the wallpaper template with High-CTR, usually colored black background.

2. Prepare the server (premium hosting and domain). Please find in the Internet server hosting the domain you wish.

3. Buy a sophisticated camera that can produce high-quality images. (unfortunately in this case I only use camera phones made in China that the results of the images sometimes makes me cry).

4. Go to the nearby attractions, and take pictures of landscapes, interesting events, crowd, unique, and everything is interesting to be uploaded on your website. (for wallpaper, do not take pictures on the internet so your account will not get banned, because all of them are the work of photographers and copyrighted)

5. Upload one image for one post, and give a description of the image along the approximately about 100-150 words. For example: "This is my weird neighbor's house in the afternoon and he started to drunk bla bla bla .... 100-150 words. You can post 100 pictures per day because you only need to press the shutter button and write 100-150 words just below the image.

You will become a photographer whose photo monetize your work with adsense on your own website. Every weekday you just having fun taking pictures there and here you traveled in places of sightseeing, and every month you earn from google, if there are thousands of pictures on your blog.

Shhhh ... !! But there is one obstacle that you must face. After hunting picture on many tourist place, usually the evening you will be drowsy and fell asleep before it finishes uploading hundreds of images. lol

Create wallpapers website for adsense is something fun, simple yet produce. Enjoy touring the sights while looking for money. You could also try, and your main task is around tourist spots to have fun while looking for dollars from adsense. Guaranteed! Thankyou.

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