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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

How Scanner Machine Works?

scanner machine
Scanner Machine. Principles and understanding ways of scanner machine working and how to use the scanner. Understanding the actual Scanner is a tool that serves to copy or copy images or text then stored into the computer memory. Of computer memory is stored in the hard disk or DVD, and this scanner actually functions much like a copy machine and the difference is if photocopiers result can only be seen on paper, while the scanner machine and the results can be seen in the show through the monitor in advance so that we can edit or fix, and then can be saved back in the form of text files or image files. How it works? scanner is not much different from a photocopy machine just that distinguish the output of the scanner data. The output from the scanner can be displayed in the monitor and stored in a computer with a variety of image formats such as (JPG, GIF, etc.)
understanding the workings of the scanner and functions

How to Work with Scanner Machine in general can be described as follows:

.Scanned images will be placed first on the surface of the scanner surface.

.Before the image scanning, the computer will determine how far the stepper motor that brings the lights will go forward, the distance is determined by the length of the image and the position of the image on the scanner surface.

.The lights begin to flicker and the stepper motor will start rotating to move the light to the position of the final image.

.The light emitted light into the picture would then be reflected immediately in the resulting reflections will be read by some mirror toward the scanner lens and the reflected light will eventually get to the CCD sensor.

.CCD sensor will measure the light intensity and the wavelength of the reflected and converted it into an analog electrical voltage.

.The analog voltage is converted into a digital value by the ADC converter or usually called "analog to digital"

.The digital signal from the CCD sensor will be sent to the logic board and sent back to the computer in the form of digital data that show the color at the points of the reflected image.

.The results of the data scanner can be seen in monitar and can be stored in image format.

Scanner is divided into three types according to ability and form:

1. Flatbed scanners: This machine is very small size with the length and width of the size of foolscap.

2. Handy scanner: These machines usually be seen in a supermarket or a mini market that is in use at the cash register to read the price of the goods we buy.

3. Print Scan Copy (PSC): This machine is more expensive price for a machine that has a lot of functions of which can be used for a scanner, can be used as a printer and can also be used for copying machines, so complete really all function.

Scanner Machine parts:
-Charge-coupled device (CCD) array
-scan head
-Glass plate
-stepper motors
-stabilizer bar
-Power supply
-Interface port (s)
-Control circuitry