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Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Google Analytic Online Store Exprimental, It Works!

Increase web shop order
The first thing you should know is you do understand how Google Analytic works. If you do not register your website you use to make money on the internet to Google Analytic, then you should sign up first for Google Analytic. Once you register soon learn how to use Google Analytic.

Once you already did two steps above, then please make the following experiment. For an example, I assume you have an online fashion store.

1. Create some promotional page in the home page of your website for some deals, such as ladies' blouses, women's jeans, men's jeans, women's accessories, party wear, formal wear, women's shoes, men's shoes, handbags, hats, and so forth.

1. Then all of your product range should be directed to the booking/order page.

3. Let the structure of your website for one month, do not change anything. After one month then you can open your Google account Analytic and see, which pages are most widely delivering visitors to the ordering page.

4. Assuming the most top 10 products that lead the visitors to the order page are: Pink Party Bag, navy blue blouse, Manchester United T-Shirt , Black Hat embroidered, safety shoes, jeans hot pants, Sunray glasses, carved bracelets, and waterproof watch. If you already know the most top 10 sales, then immediately create 10 images of these product and plug in the sidebar.

5. Thus you will make more people can see the best-selling products from you. It really can increase your sales, and make money from the Internet will be much easier.

These tips are very simple, but you can make adjustments to your products.

You do not need to do the tips above if your visitors to your web still so low. Better you focus first to get the visitors. Perform optimization onpage and invite traffic from any legal forum or socials, such as facebook, pinterest, twitter and other promotional adword sites. Because after all the action to get money from the internet it really depends on the number of visitors.