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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Find Out, Why Your Blogspot Deleted By Google

Blogspot Deleted By Google
Online Tips. Blogger is a free blog service provided by google for us to use as well as possible for free. Therefore, we must comply with the policies of blogger. If we fail to comply with the policy, the blogger could end up with a deletion action blog. Blogs that you build up with difficulty for years will be removed google if detected as spam.

Removal of this blogspot includes disabling the URL so the blog can not be accessed and locking some of the features on the blogger administrator dashboard. While the file is not deleted because the content therein are the copyright or intellectual property rights belong to the admin blog. So the admin blog still have a chance for 20 days to export the file content to be transferred to a USB data storage or on other computer storage.

Since the date of removal, the admin blog still has the opportunity for 20 days to appeal to the parties to request reinstatement google blog from deletion. Furthermore, the google will conduct a review of the causes of the vanishing of the blog. As a result, the blog can be activated again or also can be removed permanently.

Technically, blogs deletion occurs by two things;

(I) Blog erased automatically by bloggers spam detection system.
(Ii) Blog removed manually by Google team because of the report and convicted of spam.

Blog action removal by google is based on various considerations and not just by a single mistake. In essence, the elimination action taken if there is a strong indication of the existence of spam on your blog.

Here are some of the characteristics of potentially deleted blog.

1. Blogs are infected with viruses, malware, trojans, and so on. This blog is very likely to be removed from circulation of google for endangering visitors.

2. Blog with auto generated content (AGC) or auto blog. Blogs like this will be deleted by google immediately if any reported, for violating the DMCA policy (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

3. Blogs with having unreasonably behaviour. For example, a blog which disable right-click (disabled cilck) and unnatural tricks which unlike other blogs in general. Blogs like this can be removed also by google for not following the policy of followed blogger.

4. Blogs with publishing articles repeatedly in a short time. This action will be deleted by google instantly and automatically locks the admin dashboard.

* For the number 4 there is some specific signs we know that our blog has been detected as spam and will be deleted google then also if we have to immediately stop.

Spam 1; If you take the content of the article for free on the internet then you update the article to excess in a day, then your blog will get a spam warning at that time

Spam 2; If you import articles from other blogs in large quantities and update automatically, then your blog will get a spam warning at that time too.

In essence, update the article too many in a short time will be detected as spam. Suppose you updated as much as 50 articles a day on the blog. It is also spamming.

What kind of warning?

This is rarely known by the blog admin, except they have experience blog removal by google. You will be asked for a verification code that you are not a robot, or so-called robot password. When you want to publish the last article, Google will ask for verification in the admin dashboard blogger;

Prove that you're not a robot. Because your post today is so excessive, prove it you're not a robot by entering the words below.

This verification requests should answer by entering the verification code you see there. Do not even think to not answer it or you will regret.

By closing the admin pages and no answer to the verification question mean that your blog is updated by robots. By ignoring this verification could have an adverse impact on the fate of your blog. If you someday see a warning like that then immediately fill in the verification code, and not proceed to publish a new article. Your blog can be locked when it also if you force an update. Thankyou.

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