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Senin, 08 Desember 2014

Email Marketing Tricks

Trading in email

Email marketing is trusted by most of the online business as an effective way to do promotion. In fact, many are successfully using this method, but also many were not successful.

So, what exactly distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful use email marketing as a promotional strategy of the online business?

For those of you who use email marketing but no avail, then try to check the little things in the email campaign you send.

One small thing is in the title of email campaign.
Change the title, the title must unique and interesting. Highly recommended to create a title that invites curiosity of the reader. If the title is so interesting then surely they will continue to read the contents contained therein.

Still related to the title of the email campaign you wish to distribute.

One other trick is to create a title in the form of a question.
Combine the form of questions and interesting sentences so that they will open an email from you because they feel attracted. Small things other than the title is appropriate greeting word usage.

For example, make it a habit to write the word "you" instead of "we". The word "you" will give emphasis to the reader directly. Readers will feel as if that email is very important to them. Of course, do not forget to include a link that should they click when it finally they are interested in the promotion you do.

This strategy is not exactly 100% successful. But, if the percentage of readers who open the link you reach 30% to 45%, then it means that your strategy has been successful. Continue to do so.

The more the better because of the opportunity to get the buyer also will be even greater. Of course, you must ensure that each reader get a lot of positive value of what you write .. Therefore, try to always provide useful information for visitors.
Do not just do a promotion because of your email will be considered as a scam and your reputation will decrease. Do it consistently and try to continue to get the results you want to achieve.

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Still related to the title of the email campaign you wish to distribute.

THank you Ahmad shalihin for sharing about email marketing and how can I convert Outlook emails to PDF. I agree if we could try we can really reach the success rates, great post appreciate it.