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Selasa, 23 Desember 2014

CPM Against PPC VS CPA, Which Is The Best?


Online Business. 1. CPM (PPM): Cost per Mile (Pay Per Thousand) impression for advertisement. Here, there is no action required from visitors. Example: Adbrite, Tribal Fusion

+Advantages of CPM (PPM) for Publisher:
1) Publisher will get results for each for impression per thousand
2) The payout or the result is a constant.
3) The risk is lower.
4) No need to worry about CTR (Click Through Rate).

+Advantages of CPM (PPM) for Advertisers / Advertiser:
1) lower costs for the Advertiser.
2) The risk is low for the Advertiser.

-The disadvantage of the CPM (PPM) for Publisher:
1) High Traffic is a must to get a good amount.
2) The pay / results are slightly
3) Click on ad will not paid.

-The disadvantage of the CPM (PPM) to the Advertiser:
1) small influence.
2) high risk.
3) It is difficult to control.

2. CPC (PPC): Cost per Click (Pay Per Click) to pay when a visitor clicks on the ad. Payment is greater than the CPM (PPM) program.
For example: Google Adsense, YPN, Kontera, Bidvertiser etc.

+Advantages of CPC (PPC) for Publisher:
1) usually better payment more than CPM (PPM) program.
2) Some Url's can not be blocked.

+Advantages of CPC (PPC) to the Advertiser:
1) They get a real result.
2) Popular way to get raffic.

-The disadvantage of the CPC (PPC) for Publisher:
1) CTR is an important factor.
2) Payment can not be determined.
3) Advertising is not available for a particular niche.
4) Accounts banned risk against fraud / fraudulent clicks.

-The disadvantage of the CPC (PPC) for Advertisers / Advertiser:
1) Banned.
2) Various bid can not be predicted.
3) Click fraud / deception.

3. CPA (PPA): Cost per Action (Pay Per Action). This requires action from visitors for any such payment adsense referral, referral or other referral where you have to fill out a form and register. the highest payer program.

+Advantages of CPA (PPA) for Publisher:
1) Maybe the result is higher than the payment of two programs above.

+Advantages of CPA (PPA) to the Advertiser:
1) Low risk.
2) Visitors look at an ad without paid to click to the publisher.
3) The control is more accurate on the sale or Referral.

-The disadvantage of CPA (PPA) for Publisher:
1) Click will not be paid.
2) high risk.
3) The influence / effect is not as good compared to Free Advertiser.

-The disadvantage of CPA (PPA) to the Advertiser / Advertiser:
1) High cost
2) Pay only for conversions
3) Counterfeiting charging

CPM is more profitable Publisher / Publisher, being a CPA is best for Advertisers / Advertisers.