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Sabtu, 27 Desember 2014

Complete Tutorial On How To Install Window 7

Window 7. On this occasion I will share about step by step how to install windows 7 completely with pictures which is accompanied by an image that makes it easy to understand. Installing windows 7 relatively easier and faster than Windows XP, especially Windows 7 itself much support for computer hardware at this time so we do not need to insert the driver, the hardware has been read by Windows 7. Do not forget to prepare the equipment that must exist in during installation such as:

1. Windows 7 installation CD (you can also use win 7 flashdrive installation)
2. The computer / laptop you wanna be installed 
3. Coffee + snack (to make you enjoy during the installation process hehehhee)

After all the equipment set up, Here is a windows 7 installation steps:

1. The first step is setting the BIOS, first and make sure you set the boot priority is correct, adjust the installation media that will be used if using a CD or use a flash.

2. The second step after reboot the computer, press enter if it appears "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" as below.

3. Furthermore, there will be language choices you use and the setting time is also the keyboard is used, select NEXT to continue the process.

4. Next select INSTALL NOW to start the installation process.

5. Then wait until the approval page apperas, then check box "I accept the license terms" and click NEXT to continue.

6. Next select custom (advanced) and select the drive where you will put the results of the installation. You can make a new partition to install or if you re-install your computer previously existing window operating system, then remove the C drive or previous OS, in order to avoid dual boot. For better perfomance, give about minimum 50Gb for window Installation. Then click Next to continue.

7. At this stage (see the picture) you will be required to wait until the process is completed, a process which is copy the data from the Windows CD into Drive C. It normally takes a few minutes because you have to wait up to 100% complete, this the time you enjoy your coffee and eat some snack. In order to make better fun, you can make a love with your wife or husband during installation process lol.

8. After a few minutes Furthermore, the computer will automatically restart.

9. Next, the computer will continue with the installation of updating data. wait until complete to continue with the next step.

10. Once the process is complete, the next step you will be asked to enter a user name you are prefer to use.

11. Next you will be asked to create a future of security on your windows, you can add a password at this stage, or if you do not want to create your password, you can pass it.

12. In the next step, you will be prompted to enter the serial number of the product Windows 7 is used, enter the serial you have from CD or if you do not have it you can click next to continue.

13. Next select the default Windows security available, you can activate the firewall or not is up to you.

14. Then set the time zone according to your residence country.

15. Windows 7 is ready to use now, Oh thank God

I hope this tutorial can be useful for you, if you have a question, just leave your comment below and I will reply as soon as possible. Bye