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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Can I Make Blog as A Main Job?

blog as a main job
Business Solutions. Many of us are worried about working as a blogger. Most of people think blogging is only activities outside the main work or just as a hobby. And it is correct. Because I also started my first blog from my hobby to write something, but eventually now became a main permanent job.

Many successful people working in the internet by blog based, and there are many people who consider blogging job is not sufficient work for a living. And it depends on the level of each individual's mind. But in fact many bloggers who depend income from their blog.

I've applied for employment in various of companies and is difficult to be accepted because of so many competitor applicants. I finally creating my job at home and manage by my own self. The job is blogging. I learned to make money on internet without having to be an employee in a company.

If you learn anything seriously you would be able to, including learning to make money from blogs. Blogging jobs can provide real income than when I was applying to another job in a company, I spend a lot of costs and the results was not acceptable. blogging can be done in the house and I was not ruled by anyone. My salary is not inferior to the employees of the company that I have ever applying first, or even more.

Does the blog can be used as the main job?

Why not ?! I've told you over. Me my self for 5 years making money from blogs and do not have another job, but the reality my earning not too big as big as a successful blogger but it increase in every year.

You are hard to get a job in the real world but do not worry about. You can make a living as a self-sufficient, which stands on you own feet by working as a blogger. Condition you must be earnest, diligent and painstaking and patient.

But if you have a main job and want to start making money on internet, I advice you to not leave your main job first. Try to build your blog slowly while you learn about blogging knowledge, Once it succeed and you get the income then you can ensure your self to make blogging as your main job. Think first correctly and do not start something you dont know how to. Learn and learn untill you make decision to leave your job and become a blogger.

You can open your own ads product or use google adsense, or you can create an online store and other online businesses. Many ways you can do to make money from blogs. I myself preparing an online store in order to add source of my income.

If you are serious about any business definitely you will get the results. If you prefer to play adsense sure you can be successful as Linda Ikeji who earn $ 10,000 per month from adsense, as long as you've found a way appropriate to the situation and condition yourself. Good Luck!

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