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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

Boeing Black Blackberry phone Will Explode If It Is Stolen

Self Destruction Phone

Before the BlackBerry became popular among the general consumer, this Canadian company is already well known in government circles as a very high level of security. Along with BlackBerry focus to return to its roots, the company is working closely with Boeing to make devices with advanced security system for the manufacturer of the aircraft.

BlackBerry CEO, Jason Chen, in an interview with Reuters, confirmed this by saying the BlackBerry is developing mobile Boeing Black. The Android-based smart phones will have the encryption feature when making calls and targeted not only to Boeing but also to other institutions that are very concerned with the confidentiality of their data.

One very interesting feature of the Boeing Black is a self-destruct in which the phone will explode and eliminate all existing data did natural if the phone is lost or stolen. As with other BlackBerry phones, Boeing Black will also come with the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 and dual sim.