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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

Adsense Secret Strategy

The Principles of the Google Adsense program is Pay Per Click (PPC), which means that you will get a commission if Adsense ads on your site is clicked by other people or visitors who are interested in an advertisement that appears. Adsense is a program of the most popular search on the internet money because of the potential income is huge and quite easy to use by anyone.

Currently a lot of Google AdSense publishers feel disappointed and frustrated because their Adsense revenue is still rising and the dollar have not felt much like everyone else. Basically, to succeed in business you have to be patient Adsense and want to do a process that requires a lot of time, such as creating quality content and useful websites, as well as the promotion of the site which also requires patience.

Below I describe some secret trick that I often use Adsense to increase Adsense earnings:

1. Combine Adsense ads colors display
Customize the ad background color with the background of your site, also adjust the color of links and text ads, by doing the Adsense ads will be seen together with the content of your site (Ads Blending) and also can increase the conversion of ad clicks. In addition it also adjust the font with the font Adsense ads integrated with the site to make it look fonts content writing.

2. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
If you put Adsense ads on some sites, the magnitude of the CTR of your Adsense ads will be calculated on the entire site and not the CTR of each site or channel. This means that if a site has a bad CTR it will affect your entire account. CTR sites should have less than 0.02% in just remove your Adsense ads from unfavorable site.

3. Use the "Opt-into Placement Advertising"
With this feature you will allow advertisers to be able to directly advertise on your site, so your site will be more easily found by advertisers so the site can have Adsense ads more relevant.

4. Optimize Adsense Ad Position
Advertise a position clearly visible, for example, put Adsense ads near content, in the midst of the article or in the content, so the ads will get more clicks from visitors.

5. Take advantage of the "Channel" feature
Use the "Channel" that exist in the Google Adsense account any Adsense ads posted on the site is in the pan (in tracking) and can determine which ads perform well and poor performers.

6. Fresh & Unique Content
Update your site's content with the articles, images or videos have periodically, so will you always get a good ranking in search engines and is always visited by many people.

7. Build Links (Link Building)
Best Backlinks are links from sites that have the same topic. Exchanging links with similar sites belonging to someone else is a good idea, so you will get backlinks and get targeted visitors.

The tips above are Adsense secrets that other people often ignore, and if applied correctly it can increase your Google Adsense income. Good Luck!