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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

A Good News for Bloggers

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Good News. You are so diligent in writing articles on your blog by your own hands should now feel glad, because Google now has perfected the algorithm to eliminate the duplicate article from the search results. Google is serious combat junk article content.

The original article will be easily found in the google search page, while the duplicate article will be "excluded from search results".

In addition, the domain with junk content will be marked as spam so hard to get the traffic, even if reported to DMCA Google, the spamming blogs directly inserted to google sandbox even a large website or a famous website, so they will suffer becuase their website got De-index aliases removed from google search results.

My advice for the bloggers, familiarize writing your own article by your own hand from the beginning of building a blog. As bad as any of your article if it is your original writing, it will get traffic and you can expect a success.

But if you rely on duplicate articles, then do not expect success too much. Why? Because if there is only a single duplicate article in your blog, you are the same as setting a time bomb that could explode at any time and destroy your hard work over the years.

Because if the owner of the article knows what you've done, then they will report you to google, and google will impose sanctions firmly around a month since the blog reported. And the owner of the article certainly know the article is copied if your blog traffic has started to increase.

Therefore my advice to you, do not post duplicate article without including the source active link in your blog, because the article may wreck your blog, just a matter of time sooner or later. Similarly, the information that I share to you my loyal readers of this great blog, may be useful. :D

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