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Jumat, 05 Desember 2014

5 Common Problems of Newbie Reseller

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Make Money. Do you want start pioneering efforts with small cost? One choice is by becoming a reseller product. Reseller duty is selling products from suppliers, of course, will get the profit from the supplier price when the product sold. The supplier will also be happy if they have a lot of resellers, so the partner will marketing the products more and more, and target sales increased thanks to the reseller.

In addition to small cost to start, becoming a reseller still has several advantages, among which do not require operational costs, could be anywhere and anytime. Business casual is quite lucrative profits without affecting the activity of your main job, that is reseller. As in general, before deciding to start tobe a reseller business online product shop, you need to consider first.

Here are the problems and solutions that usually arise in business through resellers.

1. Lose competing, losing strategy, less experience with suppliers or other resellers.

2. Do not familiar with the product or product knowledge.

3. Less know the interest of product marketing. Typically, for a beginner resellers usually choose the fashion business, the business will continue to run and never die.

4. Do not know how to advertise or promoting the product and make them interesting. For the beginner, start with a promotion to the nearest relatives, friends, neighbors and other people nearby.

5. Can not compete with the older successful resellers.

Solution in order to win the competition:

1. Learn the products to be offered in detail.

2. Look for exciting new products to minimize competition.

3. Make a blog or website to review the side that does not exist in the image details.

4. When selling online, look at your competitors, if your competitors online only at 09:00 s / d 17:00, then start to open from 7:00 s / d 22:00 or if necessary, open it 24 hours . In essence, give your customers or prospective customers a best service that was not provided other resellers.

5. Do not stop creating and and improvisation.

success will come along with your hard work, and dont forget the smart work. Thankyou for read buddy! never five up and keep fight.

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